‘Big Brother 18’ Rumors: Latest ‘BB18’ Cast Spoilers Hold Intrigue

Big Brother 18 rumors haven’t stopped after the big cast reveal. There are still BB18 rumors about who might join the 12 “new” houseguests entering the game. Among the biggest rumors is that four returning houseguests will join the new contestants on the season premiere. Jordan Pahar, a former houseguest on Canada’s Big Brother 3, has presented who he claims are the four BB18 returning houseguests. Unlike a report from a blog on the site Reality Blurred, which have been proven false, Pahar could still turn out to be correct in his predictions.

Taking a step back, the report from Reality Blurred stated four different BB18 returnees had been confirmed, though that report has been largely discredited by the potential coaches themselves. The site stated that Ian Terry from Big Brother 14, Derrick Levasseur from Big Brother 16, and Vanessa Rousso and Audrey Middleton from Big Brother 17 were coming back. Derrick Levasseur and Ian Terry have been very active on Twitter since then, stating that they would not be back in the house for summer 2016.

There have been additional Big Brother 18 rumors that Vanessa Rousso and Cody Calafiore are going to be returnees. That information is linked to the fact that their siblings have already been announced as part of the cast. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the BB18 cast list indeed has Tiffany Rousso and Paulie Calafiore already on it. This does suggest that they will play into the latest twist for the show, but during interviews both have claimed to not know what that might be this season.

The 12 new houseguests as well as (potentially) four returnees will enter the house over the weekend. That’s when Day 1 of the show begins, despite the two-hour season premiere not airing till as few days later. This will give producers a lot of additional time to gather footage and prepare the twists for presentation to the viewers. It also gives more time for additional Big Brother 18 rumors to get leaked, possibly including who the names of the four BB18 returnees will be this summer. Maybe that could even include a confirmation that people are actually returning.

The Hollywood Reporter released a whole new set of BB18 cast interviews, giving even further insight about the new houseguests. The questions are pretty in-depth, giving fans even more information before the season premiere next week. One question asked of each of the new houseguests was who they feel were the best and worst winners from past seasons. The interviews can serve as a walk down memory lane for a lot of viewers. It could also help predict which contestants will be the favorites to win the $500,000 prize.

Big Brother host Julie Chen has been frequently posting on her Twitter account about the upcoming season. Wednesday was no exception, as Chen continued her countdown to the BB18 season premiere. It has certainly helped created a lot of additional buzz for the show, especially since she has been putting so much excitement behind her posts. This will be the eighteenth year that she has been a host of the show, giving it continuity and consistency over the years.

The season premiere of Big Brother 18 is Wednesday, June 22 at 8 p.m. PT/ET. At that point, fans will find out which BB18 rumors are correct and what the theme will be for summer 2016.

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