Justin Bieber vs Hollywood Life: Bieber Urges Fans To Take Down The Site By Tweeting ‘Hollywood Life Is Garbage’

Justin Bieber still has a bone to pick with tabloid site Hollywood Life. Gossip Cop reports that the “Love Yourself” asked his fans to help him get the site taken down on Wednesday night. Bieber made his appeal via Instagram, tweeting a picture with the text, “Tweet #hollywoodlifeeisgarbage #hollywoodlifeisgarbage #repost #spam #givethematasteoftheirownmedicine.”

Soon Justin Bieber’s legion of adoring fans were using the hashtag and writing about why they hate Hollywood Life and love Justin Bieber.

“Totally understand where your [sic] coming from Justin. I love you and will support everything you do and every decision you make,” said one Instagram commenter named mad.walshh.

“You know people really shouldn’t mess with beliebers (hollywoodlife, haters, shitty people) we’re pretty serious about this guy so keep your mouth shut and get a life.#belieber4ever,” another Justin Bieber fan commented.

The support also extended from Instagram to Twitter.

#HollywoodLifeIsGarbage eventually started trending worldwide on Twitter

This isn’t the first time that Justin Bieber has gone after Hollywood Life, this week. As Gossip Cop reports, the “Sorry” singer, posted a photo Wednesday morning on Instagram calling out Hollywood Life for being untruthful. The message on the photo read: “The website Hollywood Life is untruthful and hurtful let’s spam them and petition to shut them down! GO!!”

So why is there beef between Hollywood Life and Justin Bieber? Gossip Cop reports that the web tabloid published a slew of stories about Justin Bieber and his on again-off again love interests, Selena Gomez and Nicola Peltz.

According to Jezebel, the notorious gossip website published a couple of stories about Bieber that have mysteriously disappeared from the website. Justin Bieber has yet to confirm exactly why he’s trying to take down Hollywood Life.

As a previous Inquisitr article reported, Justin Bieber isn’t the only celebrity who has spoken out about Hollywood Life’s tendency to publish stories that seem to stray from the truth. Hailey Baldwin once called Hollywood Life “disgusting.”

This tension between Hollywood Life and Justin Beber has been building up for a while. Last year The Inquisitr reported that Justin Biber had called out Hollywood Life for an article about Selena Gomez. Justin targeted a story with the headline, “Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Why Their Church Believes They Should Be Together.”

“Hollywood Life is the most outrageous fake weird non factual garbage website I’ve ever seen,” the singer wrote under a screenshot of the Hollywood Life headline.”They literally make up whatever they want and usually I don’t care, but this one is so ridiculous I had to say something. Don’t go to their website and give them any traffic.”

The star soon deleted the post but his fans and a couple of media outlets picked it up.

The story stemmed from a Snapchat video that showed Gomez and Bieber at an event hosted by Hillsong Church, the church Bieber attends, headed by Pastor Wilkinson Jr. Justin and Selena were also seen at Hillsong Church together on a separate occasion.

According to one Inquisitr article published last year, it looks like Hollywood Life insinuated that the church had given its seal of approval to the Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez relationship and that there would be wedding bells in the future for the couple.

Hollywood Life was named Worst Outlet in Celebrity Journalism by Gossip Cop in 2014.

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