Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Dishes On Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, And President Obama

Bill O’Reilly had a lot to talk about Wednesday evening on The O’Reilly Factor.

“Today in Georgia, Donald Trump made a speech criticizing President Obama for not using the words ‘radical Islamic terrorists.’ There was also a new insinuation against the president that he is protecting Hillary Clinton in the email investigation,” O’Reilly said.

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump believes Obama is protecting Hillary Clinton. [Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images]
Then, Mr. O’Reilly played a video where Trump said that Hillary Clinton will do anything that Obama wants her to do. He said that the fact that she is being protected so much is an insult to our country and that he doesn’t believe she’ll be indicted due to partisan reasons.

“Whatever else is said about Donald Trump, he is the most provocative presidential candidate, perhaps in American history,” O’Reilly continued before indicating that President Obama is not winning hearts and minds on the terror front.

Mr. O’Reilly believes Obama’s methodical approach to neutralizing ISIS has not worked. Even though the terrorists are losing individual fights, their jihad is still doing well. Then, he made a plea to Obama.

“After watching 49 innocent Americans murdered in Orlando, most Americans want action. Do something!”

O’Reilly thinks Donald Trump has capitalized on the issues of terrorism and the economy. He indicated that Trump believes the USA must temporarily ban Muslims from coming to America if they live in areas that contain terrorism. However, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t agree with Trump on this. However, the Fox News host has his own solution, which he admits is imperfect.

“Every refugee seeking asylum in this country has to be vetted extensively. Even with extensive vetting that doesn’t mean terrorists will not get in. They will, they have and they’re here.”

O’Reilly adds that in European countries, some of the refugees have already committed acts of terrorism. Still, he believes that Obama is too lax on terrorism and that is fueling Donald Trump’s success. He then had two guest speakers on his show.

Hillary Clinton Emails
Most seem to believe that Hillary Clinton won’t be indicted over her email server. [Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images]
Conservative commentator Monica Crowley talked about the possibility of Hillary Clinton still being indicted.

“Well the FBI has not weighed in yet…What I believe now is that there is an ongoing negotiation between the president and Mrs. Clinton,” Crowley, who once said that Obama wanted Hillary to be indicted, said.

Contributor Eboni K. Williams then talked and added that Obama certainly doesn’t want Hillary to step foot in the Oval Office because the wounds still run deep from the 2008 primaries. Like all the others, she believes that Mrs. Clinton is being protected by some special deal.

The Observer recently wrote a highly cited article on what they believe is Obama’s very transparent attempt to protect Hillary Clinton.

“Just as Hillary Clinton has depended on Obama whenever she was cornered in a debate and needed help diverting an issue, she is now depending on him to get through the FBI and Department of Justice investigation long enough to get to become president—at which point there will be no chance of serving the indictment her actions certainly warrant.”

Bill O’Reilly ended his introductory segment by saying he believes that protecting Hillary is a personal issue — not because Obama likes Hillary, but because he wants revenge against Donald Trump, who basically became the spokesperson of the Birther Movement, which sought to prove that Barack Obama was originally born in Kenya, not Hawaii. Do you agree with Mr. O’Reilly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images]

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