Nick Jonas Fan Threatens Mass Murder Plot

Just when you thought teeny bopper fans were innocent nuisances clogging up your Twitter feed, along comes a very passionate Nick Jonas fan looking to commit murderous acts. The fan, who goes by the pseudonym of “madamenickjonas” has caused quite a stir by posting threats on Twitter and now Youtube. In the threats it is promised that a mass murder will happen at the Jonas’ brothers concert at Radio City in October.

Apparently these tweets have been circulating the internet for months, but madamenickjonas recently upped the stakes a notch by releasing a Youtube video, created to look like it came right out of the Saw film franchise. In the video disturbing images are shown of violent acts from the gore driven film Saw, with threats aimed at Nick Jonas’ ex girlfriends and seemingly anyone who has ever posed in a photo next to the Jobros singer.

The odd fan obsessed video transitions into a dedication to “the love of my life Nick Jonas” which follows a typical emo-driven song with a slideshow of pictures of Nick Jonas. The video then turns menacing again as madamenickjonas leaves a disturbing masked audio message for Nick’s fans. The message, which disfigures their voice, is completely indecipherable with the exception of “Nick is mine, mine, mine.” So far authorities haven’t been contacted but it’s said that concert goers are threatening to take it a step further to insure their safety.

Of course madamenickjonas owns their own website to post chilling details of how they plan to carry out their mass murder plot during the October concert.

Here’s an explicit sample of some of the tweets mademenickjonas has tweeted to Nick Jonas’ relatives and friends.

Below is the disturbing video created by the Nick Jonas fan:

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