Taylor Swift Thinks Tom Hiddleston Is ‘Perfect Boyfriend Material’

It looks like the newly-single Taylor Swift is not single anymore.

Having been caught kissing actor Tom Hiddleston on a Rhode Island beach, the Bad Blood hitmaker seems to be dating again – only two weeks after her breakup with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.

Taylor Swift, who met Avengers star Tom Hiddleston at the Met Gala last month, was spotted kissing, taking selfies, and cuddling up to the actor by British tabloid The Sun, which immediately published a number of pictures of the new couple as a “world exclusive.”

Onlookers told The Sun that Hiddleston and Swift were not ones to hide their new romance, saying that the new couple looked “madly in love”

“They [Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston] were all over each other – hugging and kissing – even though there were 20 people coming and going on the beach.”

The PDA-loving new couple seems to really have connected when they first met at the Met Gala last month and had a viral dance-off.

Tom Hiddleston later described that night out dancing with Taylor as “very charming,” adding that “she [Swift] is amazing,” according to The Sun.

Hiddleston and Taylor Swift’s chemistry at the Met Gala was apparently obvious, and the only thing in the way was Taylor’s relationship with Calvin Harris. An insider said the following, as reported by the Mirror.

“She [Taylor Swift] wasn’t single at the time of the Gala but the chemistry between them was very obvious, so it’s not really surprising that he wants to get together with her now”

Now that Taylor Swift has broken up with Calvin Harris, the way seems to be clear for Tom Hiddleston. The two have wasted no time in starting a relationship after their “chemistry” at the Met Gala – it has just been two weeks since Taylor’s breakup.

According to the Mirror, Tom Hiddleston got on the phone with Taylor Swift right after he heard the news of the breakup.

“Tom called her right after the news of her break-up came out and they talked for almost an hour,” an insider said, “She barely hung up the phone when a bouquet of flowers arrived at her door – Tom managed to order them while was on the phone with her.”

News of Taylor Swift’s whirlwind new romance to Tom Hiddleston is coming despite reports that the singer is “concentrating on herself” and intends to be single “for awhile.”

Only yesterday did the New York Daily News report that Swift will be “sticking to the single life and leaning on her squad”

But despite such reports, Taylor Swift seems to be very much interested in actor Tom Hiddleston – who is rumored to be the next James Bond.

According to an insider for the Mirror, the singer thinks that he is “perfect boyfriend material.”

“She thinks he’s a real prospect, plus he’s incredibly funny and he’s putting a smile on her face again. He’s perfect boyfriend material and exactly what she needs now,” the insider claimed, “She wants to find The One, and although it seems like she’s moving on pretty fast, she doesn’t want to waste time.”

So it looks like neither Tom Hiddleston nor Taylor Swift were willing to “waste time” after their connection at the Met Gala.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

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