Is Niall Horan’s New Career Fashion Modeling Instead Of Solo Music Or Golf?

Has Niall Horan been working with a new stylist lately or is he possibly building a fashion model portfolio one tweet at a time? In the headlines, there has been a focus on Niall Horan fans wanting new solo music from him post-One Direction. Instead, One Direction fans are getting bombarded with photos of Niall Horan looking sexy and stylish in golf gear, designer fashion or black tie classics.

Although Niall Horan recently updated his Spotify playlist with his favorite songs, it appears that there will not be much new music from Niall in the near future, despite the contradictions.

While there are many headlines claiming Niall Horan is out of the music business at the moment, there are many countering media reports. Along these lines, there have been solo career rumors such as the joke Niall Horan told about his “new band” One Lad, 2 Dads.

On top of this, Sugarscape wrote on June 9 that there were rumors that Niall Horan had a solo single called “On The Run.”

While Niall Horan claims there may be nothing immediate such as writing a new album to release in 2016, he did write at least one song for the Justin Rose golf charity event, according to an April 12 report from PGA.

Niall Horan has the ability to make any outfit look good
Some Niall Horan fans will argue that he can make any outfit look good. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Also adding to the confusion, Niall Horan was expected to have a solo career before Harry Styles, according to a June 1 report from Metro. This came after a May 25 report from Radio that claimed Niall Horan has registered a song called “Don’t Give Up On Our Love.”

On June 2, Hollywood Life reported that Niall Horan was in the studio with Wayne Hector after registering “Don’t Give Up On Our Love,” but this allegedly is not a sign Niall is in the process of releasing a solo album. Instead, Niall Horan explained that he simply loves songwriting and being on vacation is a must for him.

In fact, RTE and others claim that Niall Horan is saying that his solo music career is “stalled.” They quote Niall Horan around June 13 saying that “nothing is really in the pipeline” and that he is simply “writing and trying out different things musically” with only “about five sessions” in the studio since One Direction went on vacation.

Since Niall Horan is not making music and is primarily focused on golf or charity, fans might have overlooked that Niall has been working hard to build his fashion model portfolio on social media, one post at a time.

Niall Horan’s fashion breakthrough started happening in April and May when he happened to look breathtaking in sportswear at several golf charity events.

Shifting in another fashion direction, Niall Horan showed he could wear more than golf pants and a baseball cap by taking a lot of photos of himself looking rather fashionable during the first two weeks of June.

For example, around June 2, Niall Horan tweeted a picture of himself looking smoldering with football/soccer legend, Pele. A lot of the men in the photo were wearing a similar suit and tie, and Niall Horan’s had a tailored look.

Niall Horan is an eyewear trendsetter
In the recent past, Niall Horan has been noted as an eyewear fashion trendsetting. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Also in June, Niall Horan went to London Men’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 and took pictures of his favorite styles.

Around June 10, Niall Horan captioned a picture on Instagram with “[w]ent to a fashion show today and it was really good. Huge fan of [Oliver Spencer’s] work.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, around June 9 Niall Horan was wearing a full tux for the KP24 Foundation fundraiser to show off his formal fashion know-how. Following this, Niall Horan spent the whole weekend looking hot in casual clothes for the Wildlife Festival, according to The Argus.

Around June 12, Niall Horan got to wear a suit again when he attended the wedding of one of One Direction’s backup band members, according to Independent. On Instagram, Niall Horan revealed a photo of himself looking like a young college professor in a checked pattern suit when he dressed down for Sandy Beale’s wedding reception.

On June 15, Niall Horan gave the world more eye candy when he showed up for the second day of the Royal Ascot horse races. While track-side fashion might be difficult for many men, Niall Horan’s outfit was described as dapper, chic and dashing, according to Mirror.

The outfit Niall Horan wore that turned heads at the racetrack was recounted as “a navy blue suit with red spotty tie… with matching shoes, handkerchief and a pair of tan framed sunglasses.”

Naturally, looking so incredibly handsome might get Niall Horan a reputation as a lady’s man because he has always seems to have a lot of smart, talented and attractive female “friends.”

For example, Niall Horan spent a lot of time in mid-June with Laura Whitmore and UnReality TV says Niall was allegedly kissing Natalia Jorquera soon after.

While the Daily Mail says Melissa Whitelaw is still amazing the world while single, another one of Niall Horan’s old flames, Ellie Goulding, may officially be out of the running.

If speculations by Vanity Fair and others are correct, Ellie Goulding might have been flirting with His Majesty Prince Harry after a polo match around June 11.

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