Kanye West’s New ‘Only One’ Video Game Inspires Laughs And Grunts

Kanye West has released a preview for his new Only One video game. Yahoo has the news.

“At Kanye West’s Madison Square Garden fashion show he teased a video game. What we saw was a combination of avant-garde, and beautiful, and strangely ethereal, and now there’s a trailer for the game and it’s all of those things times a billion.”

As Yahoo notes, the game features his deceased mother Donda West flying to heaven on a Pegasus. The person playing the game will assume the role of Donda while she’s flying through the gates of Heaven.

Needless to say, some people think the idea is exploitative and just ridiculous. According to Gamenguide, the reaction at the event he debuted the game was rather…meh.

“It may be a sweet gesture to his late mother. However, reactions of people to the video game may not be the same as Kanye expected. On West’s ‘Life of Pablo’ event where he also showed the trailer last February, he wanted the viewers of the trailer to be impressed. Kanye was very proud with his creation. However, the audience did not react much. He was not happy with the audience’s reaction as well.”

Kanye West 'Only One'
Many people seem to think Kanye’s new video game is exploiting his dead mother. [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]
The reaction on Twitter has been quite brutal.

In other news for Kanye West, he has added a new song to The Life of Pablo, despite the fact that it has been out for months.

“Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo launched as a Tidal exclusive back in February, but the album has disappeared from the streaming service — for a good reason, ” claimed Will Robinson of Entertainment Weekly, who later added that the name of the song is “Saint Pablo.”

Commenters after the article are not very impressed.

“Great, one more song I wouldn’t listen to if my life depended on it. When will this piece of sh*t finally go away?” asks @OrangeBullhorn.

Kanye West New Single
Kanye West has updated ‘The Life of Pablo.’ [Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images]
“What ever happened to when you put an album out that it’s out, period! You don’t test the waters. You tweek it and fix it in the studio. When it’s released to the public, it should be something that is finished and your proud of,” claims @Connie030.

However, a lot of people on Twitter seem to like Kanye West’s new song.

Meanwhile, no matter how much Kanye West tries to move forward with his career, he can’t seem to escape rumors that he is going to divorce Kim Kardashian. The latest rumor has the power couple getting a $1 billion divorce. At least that’s what the recent print edition of Star wants you to believe. Gossip Cop summarized the story.

“But here we have Star blaring ‘Kim & Kanye Divorce!’ and ‘$1 Billion At Stake’ on the cover of Wednesday’s new edition. Inside the magazine, two headlines announce, ‘Kim Lawyers Up’ and ‘Quitting Kanye.’ It’s further said, ‘Fed up after two years of nonstop tantrums, tirades and meltdowns, Kim wants to pull the plug on her marriage.'”

Gossip Cop notes that the tabloid also claims Kardashian has been faking her recent happy appearances with West. The tabloid uses alleged “sources” to claim that Kim is desperately unhappy and ready for a meltdown. However, Gossip Cop did research and declared that this story was completely fabricated.

Kanye West is obviously not bothered by all of the rumors, especially given that he usually doesn’t comment on them. But you can bet Mr. West will have something to say about the backlash the Only One video game has created soon.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

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