JoJo Fletcher’s Past With Marcus Grodd Revealed: Bachelor Nation Stars Used To Date

Of course, now that JoJo Fletcher is The Bachelorette, everything about her dating past is coming out. There is nothing too crazy to report, but it turns out that JoJo actually has ties to a past contestant on the show.

Marcus Grodd was on The Bachelorette and then fell in love with Lacy Faddoul while on Bachelor in Paradise. Life & Style shared that JoJo Fletcher used to date Marcus Grodd as well. This was well before they were involved with the show. It is such a small world, and a lot of people on this show end up knowing each other in some way or having mutual friends.

A source is now revealing that Marcus and JoJo dated, but it was about seven or eight years ago. However, there is no word on how long the two were an item.

The source explained, “They both lived in Texas, and it was before either one of them had thoughts about the show.”

The source went on to explain that it didn’t work out, but the two are still friends. It doesn’t sound like JoJo and Marcus parted ways upset with each other. So far, neither Marcus nor JoJo is saying a word about their past.

It is kind of odd that The Bachelorette wouldn’t bring this up and try to find a way to get Marcus Grodd to show up on this season. They had Jake Pavelka, who is a long-time family friend of JoJo Fletcher, come in on night one to give her some advice and make the guys think that he was there to find love. It would have been great if Marcus had shown up to try to find love with JoJo Fletcher as well. At the time that the show filmed, everyone thought that Marcus was still happily married, though.

As the Inquisitr shared earlier today, Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul’s relationship is totally over with now. The two were never legally married and have moved on from each other. Marcus explained that they were going to do paperwork when they got back to the United States to make their marriage legal, but it never happened. He tried to get a house with Lacy, but she didn’t want to live together and now isn’t speaking to him. He even went on to say that it has been two months since he has talked to Lacy.

When Lacy and Marcus got married on Bachelor in Paradise, everyone thought that they were a great couple. However, they soon stopped posting about each other and became very quiet about their relationship. Fans were curious about what was going on, and now it has finally been revealed they are over.

People shared that things are going to get a bit wild next week on The Bachelorette with JoJo Fletcher when Chad Johnson returns again. He will be there to confront the guys, though, and not to try and win JoJo back. It is obvious that she is over him and doesn’t want to be with Chad at all. Spoilers share that this isn’t the end of Chad’s time on ABC, though. He will be returning for Bachelor in Paradise when it starts airing in August, but lucky for JoJo Fletcher, his time with her show is done.

Are you surprised to hear that Marcus Grodd and JoJo Fletcher actually dated years ago? Do you think that these two are a great match? Sound off in the comments section below. Don’t miss The Bachelorette on Monday nights with JoJo Fletcher and also Bachelor in Paradise when it returns to ABC in August.

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