‘Big Brother 18’: Countdown To The Live Feeds And How To Watch Every Single Minute

It’s just one week until Big Brother 18 begins, and with CBS’ reveal of the houseguests, fans are already hoping that the next seven days go by very quickly. Once the season premiere hits, fans will be able to watch it a few nights a week on CBS, but there is going to be so much more. As everyone knows, it’s called Big Brother for a reason, and that’s why the live feeds are going to return, and viewers will be able to stalk every single minute.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new and upcoming season of Big Brother 18 on CBS. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

The names of 12 houseguests have been revealed so far, but there are likely going to be at least four more joining the cast. That means viewers will need to tune in on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights to see what transpires and who will get the advantage each week.

CBS is going to have all of the footage that fans need to know the important things going on such as relationships, evictions, and more. Still, there are cameras running in the Big Brother house for 24 hours a day during their time on the show, and so much is left unseen if you’re just tuning into CBS each week.

Once again, the live feeds are returning for Big Brother 18, and they will allow fans to watch 24/7 coverage straight from the house. As CBS says, viewers will need to be ready for anything and everything that comes their way on the feeds.

“The Live Feeds give you raw, behind-the-scenes access to the alliances, betrayals, romances and meltdowns.”

CBS is offering a one-week free trial of the Big Brother 18 live feeds, and it will be just $5.99 per month after that ends. The best thing is that they can be watched on numerous gadgets, including your desktop, mobile, and streaming devices such as tablets and smartphones.

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Those that sign up for the Big Brother live feeds will get so much more than just what goes on in the house each day. Signing up now will allow them to have access to exclusive interviews and information even before the new season starts.

CBS has updated things as the live feeds are now part of their online video subscription known as All Access. For those that have gotten the 24/7 live feeds for Big Brother before, it’s very similar to the old “Super Pass” that no longer exists.

One thing that needs to be remembered and made known is that the live feeds for Big Brother are extremely addicting. You don’t think you’ll end up watching a lot of them, but you’re going to find yourself caught up in the drama and watching at all hours of the night.

Private talks or conversations about nothing will have you glued to the TV. It’s also kind of nice knowing the big-time happenings before they air live for everyone else around the country who will just watch on TV.

Big Brother 18 will air on CBS a few times each week during the season, but much of what airs will already have happened. The episodes will have some of the Power of Veto competitions and other things that have already taken place, but not everyone will have seen it. For those that are watching the live feeds, though, much of what airs on CBS will already be known, but that’s all part of the fun.

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