Sarah Hyland Latest To Wander Into Weird Side Of The Web For Hulu’s ‘Dimension 404’

Sarah Hyland is the latest actor to join what is becoming quite the star-studded cast of Hulu‘s upcoming anthology series, Dimension 404. The actress is best known for her work on Modern Family, but Sarah Hyland has been working hard not to be typecast. By signing onto Dimension 404, she will certainly be doing something as far away from the ensemble comedy we’ve seen in Modern Family.

This Hulu series is going to be a six-episode series with each episode including its self-contained storyline. As Entertainment Weekly reports, all of the stories will center around the weird, dark, and sometimes absurd world of the Internet. Hyland will act an episode where she will play the role of a high school student named Chloe. Chloe and her uncle (who has yet to be cast) will be experiencing a new kind of cinematic format known as “Cinethrax.”

Sarah Hyland
Joel McHale has joined the series as well. [Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images]
The Hollywood Reporter goes into a bit more detail about the character saying Chloe is cute, yet unassuming and hasn’t begun to understand just how much the boys at her high school like her. The boys’ opinions and those of her friend are starting to become more important than they likely should be, and this leads to her pushing her uncle, named Dusty, to try out this new kind of cinematic technology.

Obviously, Hulu isn’t going to give us every single plot point from any of the stories, wanting us to unravel some of them as we watch the series, but it appears Cinethrax works by giving the audience a kind of perilous movie going experience. When Hyland was announced as joining Dimension 404, Joel McHale was also added to the cast. The former Community star will not be appearing in the same episode but will instead be taking on the role of Mr. Maker.

Mr. Maker is the founder of an online dating service, and Hulu has described the character as “charismatic, eccentric and slightly patronizing.” In other words, a role that Joel McHale might have been born to play, considering it is this type of character that has made him famous all the way back to his days on Talk Soup. Alongside the man who has set up the matchmaking service, Lea Michele will star in the episode as a witty and ambitious type-A girl who has a very warm heart.

Sarah Hyland
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The young lady will turn to Mr. Maker to find her one true love after suffering from a rather intense breakup. Along the way, Michele’s character will meet a boy played by Robert Buckley named Adam. Adam is a guy who falls rather hard for Michele’s Amanda after they have an online date, but it doesn’t appear she returns the feelings. After a breakup before using the service and in his relationship with Amanda, Adam will have to look at his life and evaluate the choices he’s made.

Hulu has said that all of the characters will play personalities you might see if you were to wander into the weird side of the web around 3 a.m. It seems likely the anthology series is going to have the look and feel of Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits. Other stories will reportedly answer questions like “What if the NSA’s top analyst was a gigantic, all-knowing cube of sentient meat named Bob?” and “What if energy drinks caused the end of the world?” Before you can see Sarah Hyland in Dimension 404, you can catch her in the Dirty Dancing remake that is slated to air on ABC.

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