Tiffany Hendra Sick Of ‘One Uppers’: Is She Slamming Cary Deuber?

Tiffany Hendra had been accused of lying to LeeAnne Locken about her involvement in her story being shared with the public. Locken is convinced that Marie Reyes was the one who had shared the story about LeeAnne, where she had taken too many laxatives and had ended up pooping in the back of a car. Reyes wants people to question Tiffany’s motives and her dedication to LeeAnne, as she’s convinced that Tiffany has done damage behind LeeAnne’s back. But Hendra is tired of people passing the blame and had some interesting words in her final Real Housewives of Dallas blog post.

According to a new Bravo report, Tiffany Hendra is now revealing that she’s happy that her friend LeeAnne sat down with Cary Deuber to talk about their differences. When the ladies first sat down, Hendra was convinced that they could work out their issues, but she was surprised when Cary kept interrupting LeeAnne.

“I’m glad that LeeAnne and Cary finally sat down face to face to hash it out. They danced around it and danced around it all season and I know we were all dizzy from it. I don’t operate like that!” Tiffany Hendra explains on her blog, sharing that she would have handled the situation when it first surfaced.

While she doesn’t mention any names, Tiffany Hendra does hint that she has a problem with her co-star, Cary Deuber. During the conversation between Cary and LeeAnne, Locken suddenly flips out because Cary said something about “her story.” And Locken wants people to know that her life in the carnival environment isn’t a story. It isn’t something entertaining for people to enjoy. It is a journey that made her who she is. And when Tiffany Hendra watched this, it is possible she felt that Cary was trying to “one up” her co-star.

“Women will go to everyone else and gossip about it, but rarely go straight to the source. I love Texas so much! It’s a state rich in strength, history, interesting and God-fearing people, but Dallas is quite possibly THE MOST competitive place I’ve ever experienced and I have traveled the world three times over. It’s the land of one uppers and I CAN’T STAND ONE UPPERS! Why can’t people be confident enough to allow someone to tell a story without cutting them off to share their bigger, better story. Grow up people!” Tiffany Hendra writes on her blog for the show, clearly upset with the way the conversation went on behalf of her friend.

During the episode, Marie hinted that Tiffany was behind the story being shared with the world. Hendra is convinced that Marie is the one who betrayed LeeAnne. As Hendra was watching the episode, she was convinced that Reyes was lying and points to her shifting eyes throughout various conversations.

“It’s a sign of lying when people look to the side or shift their eyes instead of looking you directly in the eye and that is exactly what she did when I asked her to please tell the truth. I’m done with this sitch. Just freeze frame that part of the show and you’ll see what I mean,” Tiffany Hendra explains, sharing that she’s no longer interested in pursuing a friendship with Marie.

It will be interesting to watch the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion next week when the ladies sit down to discuss what happened throughout this season. And one can imagine that this betrayal and the trip to Austin will be the focus of the reunion special, as the trip and the aftermath of the betrayal involve all of the ladies.

Do you think Tiffany Hendra is right in calling out Cary Deuber and Marie Reyes?

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