One Direction: Harry Styles Haters Are Out In Force

One Direction star Harry Styles must be reeling today as the haters are out in force. Sadly for poor Harry being the subject of internet or press hate is nothing new. It was reported in The Inquisitr just last week that Styles’ London home had been attacked by mindless vandals who daubed obscene graffiti on the exterior wall. Of course, it seems that everything that Styles does is scrutinized in minute detail, and sadly for Harry, some seem all too quick to use anything they can find to show Styles in a bad light.

When Harry’s home was attacked last week U.K. tabloid the Sun branded the guilty parties “yobs.” Amazingly the same outlet today accuses Harry of “scrimping” on the repair job as workers were called in to cover up the obscenity on his wall. It seems that the Sun believes that Harry should have had the whole house painted rather than just having the offending writing covered. Some may wonder what the reporter would have done if the same had happened to her home.

As any fan of One Direction will tell you, Harry and his bandmates are currently on an extended break. Styles is using some of his time away from the band to appear in his first Hollywood movie, Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. Let’s keep in mind that this is Harry’s first movie role and that he will be learning on the job. Despite this, it seems that Unreality TV is quick to brand Styles as “nothing special.” Given that filming is ongoing at present, the webzine relies on the comments of a single extra who posted a comment about Harry on the internet after seeing him on set.

“[Harry] really doesn’t look anything special than most extras when in costume. He was among us several times, walked right in front of me.”

“Nobody really cared (I can’t even recall a single song from 1D). He appears like a decent guy, easy going. One thing that surprised me is that he arrived on set on the mole in a little buggy…while in the meantime Kenneth Branagh was walking all the way to get there (that like 1km).”

Perhaps Unreality TV were expecting Harry’s co-stars and the movie crew to prostrate themselves at Styles feet every time he comes on set to shoot a scene. Everyone on the movie, including Harry, is there to do a job. Styles may be a huge pop star but his acting career is in the fledgling stage. It is doubtful that Styles would expect to be treated any different to anyone else on set.

Lastly it is fair to say that nothing divides One Direction fans so much as the debate about Harry and Louis Tomlinson’s sexuality. It has long been claimed that Styles and Tomlinson are in a secret relationship. Styles has shown his support for LGBTQ+ causes on numerous occasions and did so again on Monday after the awful events in Orlando at the weekend.

Styles posted a couple of pictures of rainbows, presumably to show support for those killed and injured in Florida. Poor Harry cannot have anticipated that his simple gesture of solidarity would set One Direction fans against each other once again.

Sugarscape reports that some fans used the comments section on Styles’ Instagram post to claim that his posting a rainbow was a secret message confirming that he is gay. The rainbow emblem is a sign of solidarity, pride, respect, support and inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Styles meant his posts as anything other than a gesture of support for those killed and injured and their families.

It is incredibly sad that Harry’s simple gesture was used by both sides of the “Larry Stylinson” debate to launch attacks on each other. At times like this the sexuality of a pop star is even less relevant than usual. Styles would be horrified to think that his gesture of solidarity has caused division amongst his fans. Harry would be the first to say that, in the wake of such horror, we must all stand together to support the rights of everyone to live their lives free from hatred, prejudice, and discrimination.

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