Christina Grimmie’s Death: Nick Jonas Talks Security, Safety At Concerts

Nick Jonas is still reeling from the death of musician Christina Grimmie, and he believes it’s time to take action in order to make concerts more enjoyable for everyone.

Christina Grimmie, a viral YouTube star and alum of The Voice, was murdered around 10:30 p.m. Friday night as she signed autographs and posed for photos with fans. Before the meet and greet, Christina Grimmie had performed with the band Before You Exit at The Plaza Live in Orlando, according to reports.

In an interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Jonas called Grimmie “a beautiful spirit.” The two singers had previously met at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in 2015.

“We talked backstage for a while and took a picture and you could tell she’s a beautiful spirit and full of joy and light. [The shooting] shook me up pretty bad.”

On a separate radio interview with WKTU’s Cubby and Carolina Bermudez, Nick Jonas added, “My heart goes out to Christina’s family. It’s just so heartbreaking.”

During both recent radio interviews, Jonas talked about security concerns at concerts and music venues, calling for different measures to be put into place in order to keep both fans and performers safe.

While speaking with Elvis Duran, Jonas said that he’s spoken with his manager about security concerns in the past, and the recent events surrounding Christina’s death only make the matter more urgent.

“I was talking to my manager about it the other day,” Jonas said during the radio interview. “Interestingly enough, in an interview a while ago, he mentioned that he thinks that security needs to be increased at venues. Just something that should be looked at. I think it’s obviously very poignant.”

During his second interview with WKTU, Nick added that security changes shouldn’t stop with meet and greets. He said he believes that security needs to be addressed “across the board” to make venues and events safer for everyone.

“It’s something that needs to be addressed across the board and it’s not just specifically in meet and greets, because obviously the horrible tragedy in Orlando the next day… I think it’s just an issue we need to sort out as a country and get right,” Jonas said. “With music venues, I think there are some protocols that can be taken to make it safer, not only for the artists but for the fans. We all need live music, we need to be able to feel safe to go to a show and enjoy a concert. We can’t let people win that are out there just to make people’s lives horrible.”

When she was gunned down Friday night, Christina was in the company of her brother, Marcus Grimmie, who reportedly tackled the gunman once he realized what was happening. Marcus’ heroic attempts to save his sister came too late, as the gunman had already hit Christina with three shots. Soon after, the gunman turned his weapon on himself and took his own life.

At a vigil for Christina Grimmie on Monday night, Marcus Grimmie talked about his sister, saying that she greeted her murderer with “arms wide open. She had no idea (what was happening.)” Marcus went on to say that Christina “treated everybody the same.”

What do you think of Nick Jonas’ call to increase security at concert venues? Do you think additional security would help to prevent tragedies? Why or why not?

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