‘Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?’: Again? Lifetime Turns Teen Flick To Lesbian Vampire Movie, Starring Tori Spelling, Leila George

Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? is a brand new Lifetime movie that is set to premiere this Saturday. If the title seems familiar, and you’re confused, it’s because Lifetime Television is remaking and revamping the classic film from the 1990s in celebration of their cult classic’s 20th anniversary, according to People. In the new Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?, the names of the characters, the plot, and most of the cast has changed.


More Cast Info

Mother, May I Sleep With Danger 2016 is directed by Melanie Aitkenhead and written by Amber Coney and James Franco. It stars James Franco, Emily Meade as Pearl, Tori Spelling as Julie, Nick Eversman as Bob, Christie Lynn Smith as Coral, Amber Coney as Sonté, Hadley Winn as Violet, Mirela Burke as Christina, Leila George as Leah, Jesus Licciardello as Duncan, Daniel Robbins as Lennox, Sedona Feretto as Angel, Christopher Allen as Leo, Luke Loving as Dan, Nathaniel Timmerman as Ross, and Derek Kokinda as Rodger.


Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? 2016 Lifetime Movie Plot

Julie, a 40-something-year-old mother, is pretty lucky to have a daughter like Leah. Over the years, Leah has had some really great female friends who seem to have her best interest at heart. Julie is hoping for the same from Pearl, Leah’s newest friend, in whom she has confided that she can’t wait for the day until Leah brings home a new boyfriend. What Julie doesn’t realize is that Leah is dating Pearl!

Not only is she shocked to learn that her daughter is a lesbian, but Julie is getting strange feelings about Pearl which lead her to believe that she might be dangerous. As it turns out, Julie’s intuition about Pearl is dead on, and before long, Leah finds herself in a teen domestic violence relationship with her lesbian girlfriend, who also happens to be a vampire.

A Little Background Info
As you’ve already figured out, the new movie is completely different than the old one. The first Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? movie premiered on NBC on September 30, 1996, starring Tori Spelling, and it was about a mother who feared that her daughter’s boyfriend was a deranged killer. In the years that followed, it debuted and aired consistently on the Lifetime channel. In those days Lifetime Television replayed most of the movies based on true stories that first aired on NBC, ABC, and CBS. Most of these true-story movies have a cult following, although the original movie was never billed as a true story.

Will Lifetime Remake More Classic Movies?

It will be interesting to see if Lifetime will remake some of those other movies that audiences have grown to love and have continued to follow down through the years. Some other fascinating films that come to mind are Death Of A Cheerleader (A Friend To Die For) based on the case of Bernadette Protti and Kirsten Costas and A Killer Among Friends based on the murder of Michelle “Missy” Avila and her killer, Karen Severson.

The original Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was based on the novel by Claire Rainwater Jacobs and the teleplay by Edmond Stevens. The 2016 remake is produced by Rabbit Bandini Productions and Sony Pictures Television with James Franco, Vince Jolivette, Diane Sokolow, and Rachel Verno as executive producers on the film.

Don’t miss this world premiere movie event this Saturday, June 18, at 8/7 p.m. Central on Lifetime.

Watch a sneak peak of Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?


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