Zayn Malik Speaks Out About Being ‘Free At Last’ After One Direction Split

Zayn Malik used to be part of One Direction, and it has taken fans a bit to get used to the idea of him not being part of the group. Now he is out on his own and working as a solo act with the hit “Pillowtalk” already under his belt. Zayn actually feels like things have really improved for him since his time in the group, and now he is speaking out about it all. E! Online shared what Zayn had to say about how his time is now that he is performing alone. This was a big change for him, but luckily it has all worked out. The fans were so shocked when Zayn pulled out of the group and decided to go in his own direction.

Nobody was sure if Zayn would be able to win his fans over as a single act, but somehow he was able to pull it off. One Direction has also been able to go on without him. He talked to Dazed Magazine about how it all worked out.

“I didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to make that statement, that this was something completely separate from whatever was out there before. I kind of expected the fans that followed me before to be a bit freaked out by it. It was nerve-racking for me. But it worked out for the best because people started listening to it in a more mature context. The fans took things they liked from it…and made sure to tell me about things they didn’t like, on social media. But just getting it out there was the main thing.”

Zayn Malik went into all of this with his eyes wide open. He knew that there was a big chance that he might not be able to move on from his boy band persona, but somehow Zayne was able to pull it off. He shared that he didn’t feel good in 1D and now Zayn Malik feels “free at last.” Things are different, but it looks like it has luckily worked out for everyone.

One person in the industry that gave Zayn some great feedback was Taylor Swift. He talked to her a bit at his girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s house, and she told him that she really enjoyed his album. Zayn admits that when he heard this, he did blush a bit. Zayn isn’t changing up the way that he is, though, and explained details.

“I’m just staying the way that I am. I think that’s the best way to keep your sanity. You’ve got to hold on to what you are and not let things get to your head, because if you do, that’s when everything comes crashing down terribly.”

E! Online also shared what Zayn Malik had to say about the outfit that he wore recently to the Met Gala. Zayn loved the outfit that he designed with Donatella Versace. He said that it was based on Mortal Kombat, and it was actually based on a character called Jax. It was something different to dress it up in a suit, but Zayn looked great. Of course, having Gigi Hadid on his side helped out with how he looked as well. Some people were not happy about his outfit on social networks, but Zayn Malik didn’t let them get to him. Next time he actually designs his own outfit, Zayn may think about what people will have to say about it.

Are you surprised to hear that Zayn Malik is doing so well since his split from 1D? Do you think it was great for Zayn’s career to do this? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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