‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kate’s Scheming Continues, Nicole And Dario Make A Bold Move, And Aiden Romances Hope

Things are getting wild in Salem, and Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Wednesday’s episode will bring new twists and turns. Nicole is desperate to clear her name, but Kate definitely has the upper hand at this point. Deimos is with Chloe, and Victor is angling to make a new deal. Where are things headed in the June 14 show?

As everybody saw on Tuesday, Victor reached out to Kate and proposed a wild deal. She may think she has all of the pieces in place that will keep her out of jail for what she did to Deimos, as well as ensure she scoops up the Kiriakis fortune, but Victor knows her well enough to know she’s faked a lot of the supposed evidence she has. He has offered to help her with her scheme, but he wants part of his holdings and fortune back in return.

Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Kate will end up agreeing to Victor’s deal, which means that he has just torpedoed the plan he previously orchestrated with Nicole. Victor and Kate may think they are in a pretty sweet spot right now, but viewers know that Deimos is still alive and he will be back in Salem at some point soon, looking for revenge.


Nicole has been scrambling to clear her name, but she keeps hitting roadblocks. Days of Our Lives spoilers from Soap Central share that she will reach out to Dario next, and he will be willing to help her. The two will decide to sneak into the Kiriakis mansion, surely to look for proof that Kate is setting her up to take the fall for Deimos’ murder. However, the two are almost caught by Kate and Philip.

Philip had reached out to Victor to try to smooth things over in their relationship, but Victor wasn’t interested in patching things up. Kate reached out to her son and asked to meet with him and Days of Our Lives spoilers note that she may be looking for some help from her son. Apparently, however, this meeting could end up being helpful to Nicole and Dario in some way.

Hope has felt quite torn between Aiden and Rafe, but some time alone at the Horton cabin recently gave her some clarity. She has decided to try to repair her relationship with Aiden, and Days of Our Lives spoilers from SheKnows Soaps note that the two will get together for a romantic dinner during Wednesday’s show.

Hope may think that she is open to a renewed relationship with Aiden, but Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that she will experience some pangs of jealousy when she sees Rafe with Blanca. It doesn’t sound as if this will slow Aiden down too much in his plans, though. However, teasers reveal that Hope has some plans of her own that could disrupt Aiden’s attempt to win her back.

As the week continues, viewers will see some heartbreaking drama related to Abigail and Chad. She has been at Shady Hills trying to regain her mental health, but a fire soon breaks out, and she is burned. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Chad and Marlena will rush to the hospital, and it seems her condition may be quite serious, both physically and mentally. This development is paving the way for the Abigail changes ahead, and it looks like things will get worse before they get better for “Chabby.”

When will Deimos return to Salem with Chloe? How will Nicole prove that Kate set her up for this alleged murder? Fans can tell that there are plenty of twists and turns ahead as this chaos plays out on Days of Our Lives and everybody will be curious to see what comes next.

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