Kailyn Lowry Divorce Bombshell, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Breaks Down After Hearing Javi Marroquin Doesn’t Want To Split

Kailyn Lowry has not been completely honest about her situation with Javi Marroquin. Rumors of divorce have been circulating since earlier this year, with Kailyn only admitting to issues within the last few weeks. Accusations of Lowry cheating have been flying, but Javi has been photographed with other women since being deployed to Qatar. Despite all of the allegations, there has been no clear indication who was to blame for the marriage falling apart and the impending divorce.

With Teen Mom 2 coming to a close, Kailyn Lowry will be in the hot seat next week. According to Starcasm, Kailyn Lowry is going to break down in tears when Dr. Drew and Javi Marroquin have a conversation about their marriage. It was revealed that Javi planned to get a place of his own upon his return from deployment. Kailyn will remain in the home with her sons so that they are not having to be uprooted. When further probing from Dr. Drew came, she burst into tears. Marroquin mentioned the divorce, but it was only assumed there was a separation happening not a clear path to divorce. The news of the divorce shocked Dr. Drew, and it is likely the reason Kailyn revealed the news when she did.

Teen Mom 2 has documented issues between Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin from the beginning. Their personalities clash, and sometimes Javi can be a bit overbearing. They have fought back and forth each season, with things finally calming down just before Season 7 began filming. It was revealed that Lowry suffered a miscarriage last winter, just weeks before Marroquin was deployed. He admitted to blaming her for what happened, which is what she attributes to the demise of their marriage. While there was no one to blame for the incident, he treated her poorly as the ordeal was happening. That is something she has been able to forgive but never forget.

Now, accusations are flying about custody battles between Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin. There is definitely going to be something done about the son the two share, Lincoln. Isaac has been close to Javi, especially because he spends more time with him than his own father. He wants to be able to spend time with his step-son, even if things with Kailyn fall apart. He isn’t trying to take either child away, he just wants a fair shot at having relationships with both boys. Teen Mom 2 will be filming a Season 8, with rumors that it has already begun. Marroquin has not yet returned from deployment, but fans are hoping that will be a part of the upcoming season. There is still a glimmer of hope these two can reconcile, but only if the tears Kailyn are shedding are truthful.

There is a new tell-all book Kailyn Lowry is writing that has several fans interested. It seems that she will be detailing relationships she has had with other women, one of which Jo Rivera knew about before hooking up with her. Lowry was on 16 & Pregnant with Rivera, and the two welcomed Isaac into their lives. She lived with his family at one point, so he knew a lot about her life. Javi Marroquin has allegedly made claims hinting at the fact that Lowry may have left him for a same-sex relationship. This has not been confirmed, though photos have surfaced of Kailyn kissing a friend at a recent event. Whether or not there is a relationship remains to be seen, but speculation is something more is going on. Fans are still hopeful that upon Javi’s return, Kailyn Lowry will change her mind and work hard to put her marriage and life back together for the sake of the children.

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