Trevor Noah Pushes Gun Control In The Wake Of The Orlando Mass Shooting, ‘We Shouldn’t Allow This To Be Normal’

Trevor Noah recently talked about the Orlando Mass Shooting and his ideas about gun control on the most recent episode of The Daily Show. The talk show host and comedian was definitely not the only TV personality to discuss the tragedy after Omar Mateen opened fire inside the Pulse nightclub in downtown Orlando. He did have a few thoughts about the tragedy and American gun laws that he wanted to discuss.

When Trevor Noah opened his Monday night show, he went straight into a monologue about the horrific Orlando mass shooting. “I wonder if President Obama ever thought to himself that mass shooting speeches would be such a big part of his job,” Noah said. “You know, at this point, he’s hosted 12 State Dinners, but has had to make 16 mass shooting addresses.”

“The saddest part is every time this happens, it feels like America has already decided,” The Daily Show host said. “This is exactly the kind of country it wants to be. Because we know how this always plays out: We’re shocked, we mourn, we change our profile pics, and we move on. It’s become normal.”

“I’m sorry. Maybe it’s because I’m new, but it’s not normal. And it shouldn’t be normal. We shouldn’t allow this to be normal.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Trevor Noah then compared stopping this insane gun violence like that of the Orlando mass shooting to tying his shoes. “When I was a kid, I never used to tie my shoelaces. Because I was an idiot. … What I would do as a child, I would run around, I would trip on my shoelaces, I would fall down and cry,” Noah said. “We realized, I fell because of the shoelaces. I’ll tie them then move on. I knew I had to move on, but I had to tie the shoelaces first.”

While many don’t want to talk about gun control in the wake of a tragedy like the Orlando mass shooting, the reality is that Omar Mateen could not have killed 50 people during his hateful attack if he had not had access to automatic weapons. Sure, there are arguments that he could pull a Timothy McVeigh and just bring a bomb, but realistically, how many domestic terrorists would really do that? Trevor Noah seems to echo that sentiment as he addressed The Daily Show audience.

“There’s elements of terrorism, homophobia, mental health. But it is glaringly obvious: America needs to make it a lot harder for people who shouldn’t have guns to get guns. To many of us, it seems crystal clear.”

Even though Omar Mateen called 911 during his rampage on the Pulse nightclub and claimed allegiance to ISIS. It turns out that the Orlando mass shooting was about much more than that. His own father denounced Mateen’s ISIS claims and said that his attack was based on anger after seeing two gay men kiss. Mateen scouted locations for months, including several trips to the Pulse nightclub, where he was seen as somewhat of a regular. He also scouted out Disney World and considered an attack there, only to be deterred by metal detectors and bag checks. He chose the Pulse nightclub because he knew that he could get inside with multiple guns and other weapons. It’s pretty clear that Omar Mateen’s decision to shoot up the Pulse nightclub was predicated on how easily he was able to access automatic weapons, such as the AR-15 that was used, as well as the club’s lax security, allowing him to get inside with an arsenal.

According to Trevor Noah from The Daily Show, it’s time for America to tie our shoelaces. Despite the fierce protection of our second amendment rights, not all guns should be owned, according to Noah and many other TV show hosts and celebrities. If we are going to stop violence such as that of the Orlando mass shootings, the first step is to make weapons such as the AR-15, which are clearly designed to murder a lot of people, illegal.

Do you agree with Trevor Noah and his comments about gun control and the Orlando mass shooting? Check out the full video of The Daily Show monologue and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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