Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Divorce Rumors Over Excessive Spending Habits Cleared Up

Rumors that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting divorced over excessive spending habits are being cleared up.

A report published on Monday claims that the Hollywood super couple are divorcing over money matters. While multiple reports write Brangelina are splitting, they cite affairs with co-stars as the reason behind their supposed marital woes. This time, an article by Radar Online suggests that Brad and Angelina are on the brink of divorce due to financial struggles and living beyond their means.

The report states that the two have been living lavishly, and that Jolie dragged her feet when given the chance to cash in on another role. “She was refusing to sign up for the lucrative lead role in the Maleficent sequel even though it will bring in cash they desperately need,” an insider tells Radar.

Apparently, the so-called reason for Angelina Jolie refusing work has to do with her wanting more time and energy to put her focus on charity work, a known passion she has. This has allegedly upset Brad, who is said to have told his wife that they’re in no position to turn down a “$30 million-plus paycheck.”

Gossip Cop reports that a reliable source has informed them that there’s “no truth” to it. The surveillance celebrity gossip site further explains that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are “well off” and “aren’t arguing about finances.” Contrary to Radar’s report, Jolie has signed on for Maleficent 2, and it “remains a passion project.”

As GP notes, it has corrected countless fabricated reports that spread lies about the couple. Brad and Angelina divorce rumors persist in the media despite corrections made.

Several reports surfaced that Pitt was possibly more than just friendly with Allied co-star, Marion Cotillard. Rumors are constantly being debunked about these two, but tabloids love to play up what could be happening behind-the-scenes.

Another divorce rumor was spewed out last week by In Touch magazine. Once again, GP busted the cover story as totally inaccurate. The magazine claimed that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were getting divorced at the same time as Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. It was a pathetic story that tried convincing readers Brad and Jennifer wanted to get back together. The cover read “Brad and Jen They’re Both Divorcing!”

Inside the pages of the June 8 issue, a questionable source said that Brad and Angelina “are completely in divorce mode and at a point where they barely speak to each other unless it’s about the kids.” Another source added that Aniston and Theroux’s marriage is “doomed,” and the two allegedly “spend far more time apart than they do together.”

In the same GP article, Dirty Laundry was called out for borrowing the story. Its headline read: “Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston To Restart Relationship After Divorcing Spouses Angelina Jolie And Justin Theroux?”

In all cases, the rumors are false.

Several other reports — much by the same outlets — have printed that Brad wants to divorce Angelina because of her “health issues.” Since Angelina is very thin and has taken preventative measures to avoid breast or ovarian cancer in the past through surgical means, tabloids have used this to their advantage. They write that the actress is “controlling” and refuses to take care of herself, which upsets Brad.

Every week the bogus reports are cleared up. There’s little doubt that next week or tomorrow will bring on more Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce rumors, which fans should know are suspect by now.

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