Dorinda Medley Furious With Bethenny And Carole’s Comments About Deceased Richard

Dorinda Medley has avoided writing her blog for The Real Housewives of New York, because she was so hurt by the comments that were made about her Berkshires home. Dorinda has completely designed her home in the Berkshires based on what she wanted the home to look like. Medley’s deceased husband Richard told her that she could decorate the home exactly like she wanted and she decided to restore the home back to its 1904 glory, as she explains in her blog for The Real Housewives of New York. Medley reveals that Richard told her that the home was her canvas and she decided to work with several designers to create her dream home.

According to a new Bravo report, Dorinda Medley is now revealing that she was surprised and saddened to hear her Real Housewives of New York co-stars talking about her home in the Berkshires. Medley had invited all of the ladies to the Berkshires in hopes of having a great sleepover party. She even left Sonja Morgan at home to keep the drama in New York, but that failed completely. While Dorinda has expressed her dislike for the way the ladies acted while visiting her Berkshires home, she’s very upset with the way they talked about her deceased husband, Richard.

“As for Carole’s unfounded accusation that my house is filled with the Ghost of Richard…wow, I was shocked she said that. If nothing else, it is so so so hurtful. I have a beautiful picture of us on our wedding day in his office which sits proudly on his old writing desk,” Dorinda Medley explains in her blog, sharing that she only keeps a few of Richard’s belongings out in the open.

Medley explains that she does have a picture of Richard in the home, but the majority of his belongings are in the attic. Maybe she doesn’t want too many things to be present in the home, as she has emotionally moved on. But she did feel that her co-stars were a bit too insensitive to her past life. Dorinda Medley has been a widow for about four years now and she’s been dating John Mahdessian for about three years.

Dorinda knows that Bethenny and Luann de Lesseps had some beef that they wanted to resolve and it came up just minutes after they arrived in the Berkshires. Medley was shocked that the ladies would spend hours screaming at one another, calling out Luann for her sex life and Bethenny for her “sl*t-shaming” — something that has in the media quite a bit.

“The way they both acted had nothing to do with my home. They could have been anywhere and acted the same way. To be honest, I don’t think they had any intention of treating my house with respect. And don’t believe the excuse that my house brings out something negative in Bethenny. That’s ridiculous. I could use the excuse that the TWO times I visited Bethenny’s house — first for after-dinner drinks in her pool house and the next for her birthday ho-down [sic] — brought out the worst in ME, but that would just be a silly, pointless, infantile excuse. And, yes, I’m above that. Whatever happened during those two visits was because of what was said and the actions of a few, not because of a home’s vibe or energy,” Dorinda Medley revealed in her Real Housewives of New York blog for the show, pointing out that Bethenny could have been a bit more sensitive.

What do you think of Dorinda Medley’s blog? Do you think the ladies were being too insensitive about Richard?

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