Taylor Swift Remaining Single After Calvin Harris Breakup — Devastating Split Causing Too Much Heartbreak?

Taylor Swift has reportedly told friends and family that she won’t be looking for a new man anytime soon after having her heart broken when ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris suddenly called it quits on their 15-month relationship, it has been revealed.

The singer, who will soon start working on her forthcoming album, reportedly wants to take the next couple of months focusing on herself, her music, and the people she loves the most. Having experienced breakups one too many times in the past, her most recent split seems to have been her most devastating one yet.

Previous reports revealed that Taylor saw herself marrying Calvin in the near future, something which the DJ was supposedly not ready for. The 26-year-old was also allegedly hoping for the British-born star to move into her New York penthouse, convinced that their relationship was at a point where things were definitely leading up to a promising future.

It turns out that the things Taylor Swift expected from Calvin were overwhelming him, reportedly causing the sudden split between the two. And while sources reveal that both Swift and Harris will continue as good friends, the “Blank Space” hitmaker needs to take a break from the dating scene to really find herself, and a new man in her life is the last thing she needs right now.

“Taylor is dealing with the break up a lot better than many would think, she is acting pretty strong after initially being very upset,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“One thing is for sure though, she is not interested in getting into another relationship anytime soon. She is interested in spending time with her Mom, her cats, her family and relaxing and getting things ready for her new New York city home. Boys aren’t really on the radar right now.”

Taylor was always gushing about her then boyfriend to anybody that would listen, having named Calvin the most amazing person she’s ever met at the iHeart Radio Music Awards earlier this year. There is no denying that Taylor was head over heels in love with the famous producer, but as previously revealed, Calvin allegedly felt as if the romance was moving too fast for his liking.

An insider affirms that the couple didn’t have a nasty split.

In fact, everything seemed perfect prior to Harris’ decision to dump Swift, as a source adds, “There was no drama. Things just don’t work out sometimes.”

Taylor Swift is expected to start working on her next album later this year, with an expected release date early next year. Fans have already convinced themselves that Swift will definitely develop some interesting music material based off her most recent heartbreak with Calvin, although, to think that the singer will diss her ex-boyfriend is very unlikely.

Perhaps she’ll write a song about relationships that just don’t work out sometimes, as much as you would like them to. The two were on completely different pages — Taylor reportedly wanted more, and Calvin just wasn’t ready for what Swift was expecting of him.

The two will continue being friends, the source concludes. But what do you make of Taylor Swift’s decision to keep her distance from men for the time being?

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