Nintendo NX Release Date Rumors: Leak Claims NX Will Have A New Controller And Boosted Specs

When it comes to their next console release, Nintendo has remained largely hush around the NX. It’s being dubbed as the console that could signal Nintendo’s comeback within the video game industry. With the new console set to be available to consumers in 2017, rumors are growing around exactly what the console will entail.

According to Tech Radar, Nintendo is promising that the upcoming NX will be unlike any other console on the market, suggesting that Nintendo will once again look to create an innovative console over one that is more specifically designed to compete with alternatives from Microsoft and Sony. However, that isn’t so much of a surprise considering Nintendo’s most recent home consoles, the Wii and Wii U, which were drastically underpowered but did offer innovative functionality in a somewhat crowded market.

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U is set to be featured at E3 2016
The Legend of Zelda for Wii U and NX is set to be featured at E3 2016 [Image via Nintendo]
Nintendo and video game fans are, of course, currently gathered in Los Angeles for the biggest video game trade show of the year, E3. With that in mind, you’d definitely expect Nintendo to have something to say about the NX during the show. However, Nintendo has already stated that they’ll be focusing their E3 efforts on the Wii U and 3DS rather than their new upcoming console.

Whilst Nintendo has remained incredibly hush over the details of its next console, that hasn’t prevented various leaks surfacing, providing key details around the new console. At the core of the NX’s hardware is likely to be the controller. Nintendo is rumored to be working on a unibody controller that will allow users to take the controller away from the console and continue playing on the go. One of the key limitations of the NX’s predecessor, the Wii U, is that gamepad play required the user to be near the console. If NX rumors are to be believed, Nintendo is looking to release the first hybrid games console.


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It’s worth remembering that, at its core, the Nintendo NX will be a device designed for playing video games and the success of Nintendo’s consoles often falls on their software. However, it offers no surprise that Nintendo is again remaining largely hush on the NX’s software, refusing to discuss the console’s launch titles.

That being said, according to IGN, a few key titles have already been revealed for the NX. When providing key details around their upcoming release of The Legend of Zelda for Wii U, Nintendo confirmed that the title would no longer release exclusively on the Wii U, suggesting that its release had been pushed back to launch alongside the NX. With that in mind, the NX is very likely to launch with one of Nintendo’s most recognisable franchises. At the same time, when Square Enix announced the release of Dragon Quest XI for PS4 and New 3DS, they hinted that they’d be open to bringing the title to other platforms, including the upcoming NX.

What’s more, as part of E3 2016, the Nintendo NX picked up its first third-party title in the form of the latest game in Ubisoft’s Just Dance series. Nintendo platforms have in the past struggled with garnering support from third-party publishers, so this announcement suggests a promising start for the Japanese gaming giant.

Nintendo looks to remain quiet around official NX details until later this year when they officially unveil the console. However, fans can expect to be playing with the console by March 2017, Nintendo’s targeted release date for the NX, however, with both Microsoft and Sony planning new iterations of their consoles, set to release alongside the NX, Nintendo are once again going to face tough competition.

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