5 Seconds Of Summer In Fan Suicide Drama

Bands like 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction have made fantastic use of social media to communicate with their fans. Like One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer are a true product of the internet age, and each of the members of the hit Australian band has millions of social media followers. The problem will always be that, amongst the many millions of dedicated fans, there will always be some who take things too far when trying to attract the attention of their favorite band member.

Some 5 Seconds of Summer fans are so desperate to attract the attention of a band member that they have sent the young stars tens of thousands of messages begging for a “follow.” The irony, of course, is that members of 5 Seconds of Summer, or any band will never follow anyone who spams their accounts thousands of times a day with a pointless message. Like the boys from One Direction the 5 Seconds of Summer lads have said that they follow people who are interesting and amusing. Seeing a message that says “follow me, I love you” countless thousands of times is neither amusing nor interesting.

Last year it was reported in The Inquisitr how a sick One Direction fan had faked her own suicide in an attempt to garner some attention from the band. Now it seems that a 5 Seconds of Summer fan is trying out the same sad technique in a desperate attempt to be noticed.

Hashtag Now reports that the tag #RIPAshley began to trend after a 5 Seconds of Summer fan was reported to have committed suicide after writing a series of notes to band member Luke Hemmings. The thing is that 5 Seconds of Summer fans have been burned by attention seekers in the past. You can be sure that the fandom detectives will be checking out the facts about any such claim and it took no time at all for the claims to be exposed as fake.

Ashley Idaes allegedly committed suicide after penning several letters to 5 Seconds of Summer star Luke.

“Hi Luke, I’m Ashley Idaes. You might think I’m weird, but I just wanted to tell you how much I want to thank you for saving my life. If I never knew you or any member of 5sos I wouldn’t of been here today.”

5 Seconds of Summer fans were understandably furious when the alleged suicide was exposed as fake and an attempt to attract attention. One 5 Seconds of Summer fan summed up the feelings of many by asking “why would you fake suicide to get noticed?”

Perhaps the ultimate irony in this sad story was the account owner’s belief that bringing a suicide to the attention of 5 Seconds of Summer would get her the attention she craved. It’s not like Luke Hemmings is going to start following a dead person’s Twitter account.

In other 5 Seconds of Summer news the boys are set to drop a new single “Girls Talk Boys.” According to the Daily Mail the new track is on the soundtrack for the new Ghostbusters movie which is set for release next month.

Despite the fact that 5 Seconds of Summer fans have not even heard the new song, it has a five-star rating on iTunes. Fans seem content to award the tune five stars simply because it is by 5 Seconds of Summer.

According to the Express the title, “Girls Talk Boys,” has something to do with the female cast of the supernatural comedy reboot replacing the original all-male lineup. 5 Seconds of Summer are currently in the middle of a massive 101-date world tour, so fans will be desperate to know if the new track will make it into the tour set-list after it is released on July 15.

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