‘Suits’ Season 6 Trailer Gives Little Away: Writing Not Yet Finished

Suits fans rejoiced at the release of the Season 6 trailer – until they realized that it gives very little away in the way of what will happen to Mike Ross. The trailer makes it clear that he pleaded guilty for committing fraud, and then links to the aftermath with Harvey, Jessica, Rachel and others.

Season 5 saw Mike’s lies catch up on him. Because he didn’t want the firm to go down for his decisions—despite them keeping him on when they found out about his lies — he decided to plead guilty. It was disappointing for the others after they found out that Mike was going to be found innocent.

Suits Season 6 will pick up from where the last season ended. The firm will find out about Mike’s decision, and he will have to spend his first night behind bars. The rest will go back to the empty firm to contemplate what will happen now; there will not be any happy words spoken, if the Suits Season 6 trailer is anything to judge.

Vine Report shares that the trailer hasn’t brought anything significant about the upcoming season. All it showed was Mike in prison and flashes of his first few days in the office. It shows Jessica finding out about Mike’s lies and his connection with various members of the firm.

Aaron Korsh has said that the show will not include a time jump yet, unlike previous seasons. He needed to pick it back up from where the Suits Season 5 finale left off. The whole premiere will be that first night, although at one point that was open for change. Back in March, Korsh had admitted that he hadn’t finished writing the episode. It looks like it is now completed, since the premiere date is very close.

It is currently unknown how long Mike will be in prison for. Korsh says that it will be for a long time, but will all that time be shown on the screen? It is possible that Suits will include a time jump somewhere during Season 6 to bring Mike back out of prison. He was sentenced to two years in prison, so will there be a jump or will he be released for good behavior?

Korsh has said that the next season for Mike will not just involve reading books and staying out of trouble. He wants to help people and be of service, which is why he loved working in the law firm. There are high chances that he will find someone within the prison that he can help, and this could well help him when he is released – whenever that may be.

A lot of Suits Season 6 is still unknown for the writers and showrunner. There are many different paths they can take, and they are still working out how to handle it all.

There will be elements of Mike having to just survive the prison system. Others in there may know who he is and want to do something to get their own back. After that, he will get his turn to shine and help.

While Mike is in prison, the people he loved and cared about will have to deal with the aftermath. Their firm will be empty, and they will need to decide on the next steps to take. What will Rachel do now that her husband has pleaded guilty? In the trailer, she questions (presumably) Mike “what about me?” All she has ever done is love him, and it could bite her and her family.

Suits Season 6 premieres on July 13 on the USA Network.

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