‘UnREAL’ Spoilers: Get Details On Rachel’s Relationship With Coleman

Tonight on UnREAL, viewers got to see that Rachel has a very odd relationship going on with Coleman. Everyone wants to know the details of this UnREAL relationship that is just starting to develop. TV Guide shared that UnREAL creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro is spilling some of the details on what is going on with Rachel and Coleman and what you can expect this season on UnREAL.

Fans are not used to seeing Rachel in this kind of relationship on UnREAL, and Sarah shared the details about why this relationship could be different for her. It looks like she has found someone that might just be right for her.

“What we see in Coleman for the first time is a viable love interesting for Rachel. He’s Jewish. He has a nice family. He went to a good school. He loves documentaries, which is how Rachel started out. And I think she can see a life with him. She can see a life that makes sense for the first time. Jeremy didn’t quite make sense. Adam didn’t quite make sense. But Coleman is the type of guy that Rachel might actually marry. And I think that’s terrifying for her.”

UnREAL fans know that Rachel has been through a lot in her past relationships. Seeing Rachel with someone that she cares about on UnREAL is going to be strange for her. She has been through a lot, and she will start to fall apart dealing with someone that is so right for her. It really does look like she has found someone better for her than Adam or Jeremy ever were, and that in itself is scary. It is a bit strange to see a season of UnREAL without Adam around, but of course, Everlasting had to move on to a new suitor.

Hollywood Life also shared something that fans are going to want to know about this season of UnREAL. Darius’ sidekick, Romeo started out the season by everyone seeing him having sex with Rachel. Of course, everyone knows this UnREAL love story isn’t going to last. Gentry White, who plays Romeo, shared some of the details. He explained that these two UnREAL characters, Darius and Romeo, happen to be cousins and very close. He is not just his sidekick. UnREAL fans are going to enjoy seeing their relationship and how close they are to each other.

Gentry White teased that on UnREAL everything has a motive. He makes it sound like this is the reason that Romeo slept with Rachel, but of course, he isn’t spilling too many details. Everyone will have to wait and see how it all plays out in the end on Season 2 of UnREAL. He went on to explain why Romeo is sticking around on set.

“Romeo is Darius’ manager so he is there to make sure everything is going the way it should, and regularly monitoring the way his client is being treated while on Everlasting. At the same time, Darius feels more comfortable with his cousin around. Romeo is his family and they found success together so Darius trusts him fully, something he’ll need in this manipulative environment. He ultimately wants to get through this show so they can go about their lives accordingly… unfortunately, that may have not been the best move. You’ll see.”

Are you shocked to hear that Rachel will actually find love on UnREAL this season? Do you think that Coleman is the one for her? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of UnREAL on Monday nights on Lifetime. This season of UnREAL is one you do not want to miss.

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