‘The Walking Dead’: Melissa McBride On Carol’s Strength And Evolution

Melissa McBride, the actress who portrays Carol Peletier, is a fan favorite on The Walking Dead. Last season, viewers were not sure what was going to become of Carol, especially after she left Alexandria. It is not known what will happen with McBride’s character when TWD returns. However, the actress recently spoke about her character’s strength and how Carol has evolved over the seasons.

Last season on The Walking Dead, Carol Peletier was having some issues, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Melissa McBride’s character claimed she could not kill and could not protect anyone at Alexandria. Instead of sticking around with her ZA family, Carol left.

Eventually, Morgan (Lennie James) found Carol, but she didn’t want to go back. She really seemed to be having some mental health issues, but fans maintain that Carol remains one of the strongest characters in The Walking Dead.

Some wonder what specifically caused Carol to break down on The Walking Dead. Was it Morgan’s chat in Season 6? Was it when Carol and Maggie were kidnapped? Or was it not one specific thing, but a variety of factors?

“[Carol] has evolved to where she is because of all the experiences the writers have given her,” Melissa McBride explained, according to Variety. “I’ve grown with her. I don’t think specifically, ‘this happened to her and then this happened to her’ [in the past] — just like we approach our own day, I know where I am. There are some key things that I keep really close, one of those is [Carol’s daughter] Sophia, the memory of her, the children. There are very specific trigger points that I bring along that are never far.”

McBride also spoke about one line in Season 6 that had fans confused and debating on Carol Peletier.

“That’s indicative of good writing for an actor, you don’t have to scramble to know what the character is thinking or talking about, it’s just there, under the surface those little reminders,” Melissa said. “I remember saying that line out loud, ‘My faith got me through the death of my daughter.’ I was thinking, ‘No, that’s when you lost it.’ What that means to her, to know that she fell away, and feeling like she needs it now. All of this is playing into where does the ruse end and where does the truth, panic, anxiety and guilt begin?”

There are rumors that Carol and Morgan are going to be taken in by The Kingdom. This is interesting since the community will join Alexandria and the Hilltop Colony in the fight against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

A follower of The Spoiling Dead Fans recently posted a photo in the comments section of a status update. That picture seemed to show Melissa McBride on set, but the location was unfamiliar. There was a man standing next to her, but it was unknown if it was someone from the cast or a crew member.

When fans first met Carol on TWD, she was a scared housewife who was being beaten by her husband. After he died, she simply tagged along with Rick’s group, trying to keep her daughter safe. However, Sophia disappeared and was later found as a zombie in Hershel’s barn. After this, Carol really began to change and evolve. While that moment would have broken most people, it seemed to make Carol stronger.

As for what to expect from Carol in Season 7, fans will just have to wait and see. It sounds like Carol won’t be weaker, though. She may have her issues, but who wouldn’t in the zombie apocalypse?

What do you think of Melissa McBride’s character on The Walking Dead?

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