Playstation 4: Sony Shows Off ‘Days Gone’, ‘God Of War’ At E3 2016 Press Conference

Sony showed off the upcoming lineup for its Playstation 4 at E3 2016 on Monday night, and for the most part, the games its showcased were met with excitement and applause. For the second straight year, Sony’s Playstation 4 seemed to be a pretty good candidate for the winner of the entire E3 2016 conference. Sony seemed to have found a rather dynamic mix of new games for the Playstation 4, and the company also showed off a ton of new footage for games we already knew existed.

Among the brand new games shown off for the Playstation 4 was a brand new God of War game. There had been rumors God of War 4 was coming to the PS4 though this game doesn’t have that fourth numeral attached to it. Sony appears to be rebooting the God of War franchise specifically for the Playstation 4. The original God of War saw the hero, Kratos taking on all kinds of Greek gods in order to avenge the deaths of his family.

This new Playstation 4 game appears to have many of the same themes running through it but the setting is going to be in Norse mythology. In the video above, we get to see our beloved hero, who has a bit of a rage problem, patiently showing his son how to hunt a creature that indeed looks like it’s straight out of Norse stories. The question from this trailer is whether or not Kratos’ family is going to be around for most of the game, or whether we got a look into why exactly he goes after gods like Thor and Odin and the like.

Days Gone
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Another Playstation 4 game that generated quite a bit of buzz at Sony’s E3 conference was Days Gone. When the trailer for this Playstation 4 game started off, there were some definite feels from The Last of Us, complete with some sort of plague or disaster that wiped out most of humanity. The character in the trailer walked through a wilderness setting that we later found out was part of the Pacific Northwest.

Playstation 4
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Kotaku reports Days Gone is going to be an open world survival game that puts Playstation 4 players in the role of a motorcycle-riding bounty hunter that has to find certain contracts as well as fight through hordes of transformed monsters. Days Gone is the long awaited and long hidden game from Bend studios. We’ve known for a while that the studio was working on a horror title, but we didn’t know much more than that.

The new trailer for Days Gone shows us quite a bit about more though there are still some things that aren’t known about the survival horror for the Playstation 4 title. The Playstation Blog does have more info, telling us that Days Gone opens two years after a global pandemic has killed millions and transforms others into creatures known as Freakers. These creatures have a couple of different classes, mainly those that were changed when they were still adolescents and those that were more mature.

Along with this project from the Syphon Filter developers, Sony’s PlayStation 4 also got some previews of games we knew were coming such as Horizon: Zero Dawn and Detroit. Both of those games gave us a better look at what we can expect to see when they finally land on the PlayStation 4. We now know Detroit will have a kind of branching decision tree for its characters while we got an eight-minute gameplay trailer.

If there was one drawback to most of the games shown off at Sony’s press conference, it’s that none of these games are going to be landing anytime on the Playstation 4 anytime soon. Most of the games will be here next year while a few others are going to land this fall but all are at least a few months away.

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