Apple’s New iOS 10 Thrills Early iPhone And iPad Users

Apple’s iOS 10 Beta is now available for download. BGR has the news.

“OK, alright, try to contain yourselves Apple fans. The company hosted its big WWDC 2016 keynote event earlier today and during the show, Apple confirmed that the very first iOS 10 beta would be released to developers at some point on Monday. Well, ‘some point’ is right now.”

Though BGR is enthusiastic that iOS 10 Beta is available for download, they warn people to update at their own risk. After all, about a year ago, the Inquisitr reported that iPhone and iPad users were fuming about problems with iOS 9 Beta.

“If you are planning on upgrading your iPhone or iPad to the public beta version of iOS 9, you may want to wait. Several people who have updated have complained about losing cell phone service, the device freezing, and lack of stability. Of course, iOS 9 is still a beta version, and Apple even suggested users to do a full iOS 8 backup before upgrading.”

According to Wired, iOS 10 is definitely a significant software upgrade. Siri is now improved, so any software developer can incorporate the digital voice assistant into their own program. The iMessage app will also be a big improvement by having rich online links for playing YouTube or songs from the Music app without having to go to a different app. Users will also be able to add text to their bubbles.

Apple Music Download
Apple Music has major improvements in iOS 10. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]
The Apple Music update is what’s seeming to fascinate most iOS users as the current version still has problems after one year. Wired claims that everything is much more clean and easy to navigate. There is a new tab for downloaded music and a “For You” section that provides a new playlist of music Apple thinks you’ll want to listen to.

According to the Daily Star, the Maps app also gets a major makeover.

“Maps in iOS 10 also gets a redesign that should make it easier to get from A to B. With added extensions, apps like OpenTable can integrate bookings right into Maps, and services like Uber and Lyft can make it easier for users to book a ride, without ever leaving the Maps app.”

The article adds that Maps has some new type of intelligence that gives you directions to where you most likely want to get to next based on your previous routines or appointments on your calendar.

According to the Daily Star, Apple has also upgraded the Photos app. In the Photos app, iOS 10 helps you discover forgotten occasions from your photo library by automatically surfacing them. Perhaps the new “Memory Movie Function” will be the most exciting as it automatically edits your pictures and film clips, turning them into a mini-movie that can instantly be edited.

Commenters after an article on the new update at Mac Rumors are, for the most part, fascinated by iOS 10.


“Finally!! we can remove stock apps. Now thats reason to update right there. Celebration time!!” claims Allanfries.

If you want to download iOS 10 right away, you may have some download troubles because there is so much traffic. Let us know if you were able to download iOS 10 and tell us what you think about Apple’s new mobile operating system in the comments section.

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