Kate Upton Celebrates Engagement To Fellow Dog-Lover, Shares Workout Secrets

Kate Upton, the American supermodel and actress, is hearing wedding bells as she recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Justin Verlander, according to Business Standard.

At the young age of 23-years-old, Kate Upton officially became engaged. During the recent Met 2016 Red Carpet event, Kate Upton was spotted with a new fashion accessory, a ring which had been designed by her fiancé. She couldn’t contain her excitement and happiness over the engagement during the event.

“I’m really excited, he asked me right before the season started so we’ve been keeping it on the down-low for quite a while. So, I’m excited to finally be able to share it with the world!”

One of the interests that Kate shares with her fiancé is that they both love dogs. According to Us Magazine, Kate Upton revealed her favorite pet gear and how she shares her love for dogs with Justin Verlander.

Kate was also recently seen at the Grand Slam Adoption Event in Lakeland, Florida, and she talked about her favorite pet gear.

“One of my dogs loves squeaky toys, but my Jack Russell mix likes to tear them apart, so right now I have a love-hate with that. I have pieces of stuffed animal spread all over my house, so I don’t really like those! I just go for a standard bone, any kind of animal bone is great. I also love Frisbees or tennis balls, bones. We have a lot of baseballs laying around the house, so my boxer goes crazy for those.”

She also went on to talk about how she liked personalized dog bowls for her, and how she loves to snuggle up with the puppies when she is at home alone with them.

Kate Upton spoke on how spoiled her pet dogs can be but she also revealed on how much she could not resist them.

“Our dogs are spoiled. We have a dog bed in every single room. So they can always be next to us without jumping on the white couch… We have all different kinds [of dog beds], but I like the ones that lay flat so that when I’m watching TV, I can lay in the bed with my dogs and snuggle them.”

Kate Upton regularly shares photos of her dogs on her social media accounts, and there is little doubt that her favorite among the bunch is her boxer, Harley.

Despite her sweet nature, Kate Upton is apparently one to go all out in the gym. According to Sports Illustrated, Kate Upton’s trainer describes her workouts to be not for the faint of heart.

Ben Bruno revealed in an interview that Kate Upton is a “total bad*ss in the gym.” Bruno then went on to praise Upton for training as hard as she does when she completes her workouts. A normal session with Kate and Bruno at the gym starts off with a warm-up of foam rolling and some stretches, plus lateral band walks and lunges.

After the warm up, Kate Upton and her trainer dive into a circuit based strength workout. It is in this workout where she puts all her energy and power into a series of strength-building moves, without resting between. Bruno went on to explain that Kate does not need rest in the middle of the series due to the training providing a cardio component as well.

While most people were happy to finally learn the secrets of Kate Upton’s stunning body, Sheena Sharma, writing for Elite Daily, was less than impressed. The article quoted Kate Upton’s trainer Ben Bruno, who referred to her body transformation as an “overall improvement.” The article questions how Kate Upton would feel about the implied truth that her body was in need of “improvement.”

Kate Upton has long been recognized as one of the modeling industries more “fuller figured” models and has maintained her position that she is happy with her body and was glad that the modeling industry was not forcing her to be thin.

[Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Churchill Downs]

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