Harry Styles Shows Support For Orlando Shooting Victims, ‘Larries’ Claim He And Louis Tomlinson Are Gay

When Harry Styles brightened up his Instagram feed with two rainbow images, he was likely showing his support for the Orlando shooting victims and the gay community. However, numerous “Larries”—the fans who believe that Harry is involved in a secret gay relationship with Louis Tomlinson—misinterpreted his posts. They claimed that Harry’s rainbows are evidence that “Larry”—the portmanteau name fans have given their favorite fictional coupling—is real.

As Unreality TV reports, Harry Styles was one of the many celebrities who used their social media accounts to show support for the Orlando shooting victims and everyone affected by the tragedy. According to CNN, 49 people lost their lives when a gunman opened fire at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. President Obama called the horrific killing spree “an act of terror and act of hate.”

Because so many of the victims were gay, the shooting has sent shock waves through the LGBT community. This is why Harry Styles recently shared two images of rainbows, a symbol of gay pride, on Instagram. He simply captioned one of the images, “All.”

Numerous Larries responded to Harry Styles’ posts by flooding Instagram and Twitter with claims that “Larry is real.”

“A number of the so-called ‘Larry shippers’ sector of the One Direction fandom yet again used the opportunity of Harry’s show of support for the people affected by the mass murder to make statements about what they believe Harry’s sexuality to be,” Unreality TV writes.

In their responses to Harry Styles’ tribute to the Orlando shooting victims and the gay community, many Larries included what they see as photographic evidence that Harry is involved with Louis Tomlinson romantically.

The “Larry is real” comments angered and upset many One Direction fans, and these “anti-Larries” criticized the behavior of those who were completely missing the point of Harry Styles’ Instagram images. Some One Direction fans complained that Larries were being disrespectful and single-minded by solely focusing on their beloved “ship.”

A handful of sensible Larries joined the rest of the One Direction fandom in begging their fellow gay conspiracy believers to stop flooding Harry Styles’ social media pages with proclamations that “Larry is real.”

Harry Styles has never said anything negative about Larry shippers, but Unreality TV reports that the singer’s mother recently had a nasty run-in with a Larry on Twitter. No one seems to know what the fan wrote that upset Anne Twist so much—the offending tweet has been deleted—but Anne responded by telling the girl to “tone down your gratuitous language and “chill.'”

Louis Tomlinson also had a testy Twitter exchange with a Larry in 2012. As the Daily Dot reports, Louis got angry with a fan who tweeted that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles “will never deny Larry.” Louis fired back by tweeting that the “upsetting” Larry conspiracy theories are “the biggest load of b******t” he’s ever heard. He also revealed that he does not consider Larries real One Direction fans.

So far, Louis Tomlinson has not followed Harry Styles’ lead by sharing any rainbow flag images on social media, nor has he acknowledged the Orlando shooting in any way.

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