‘My Kitchen Rules’ Headed To The U.S. Thanks To Curtis Stone — Why Two Endings Were Filmed For Australian Finale

My Kitchen Rules, the competitive Australian reality TV show, is heading to the U.S., thanks to Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone. The Daily Mail reports that Curtis Stone is currently in the U.S. filming and preparing to launch the American version of the Australian culinary reality TV show, My Kitchen Rules, and that he took time out on Sunday to enjoy some culinary delights of his own.

Curtis Stone enjoyed dinner at the Italian restaurant The Nice Guy.

The American version of My Kitchen Rules will differ from the Australian version, which recently concluded its sixth season, in that the American version will feature celebrities testing their culinary talents against each other. The Australian version of My Kitchen Rules famously gives “home chefs” the chance to hone their cooking skills while being in competition with other amateur chefs from around the country.

Curtis Stone hosted the first season of the Australian version of My Kitchen Rules and is set to appear as a judge in the first season of the upcoming U.S. version of the popular Australian show.

My Kitchen Rules ended its latest season by crowning its winners earlier this year. According to the Herald Sun, the winners of the season, Tasia and Gracia, dream of opening their own restaurant, and there is every chance that their dream will come to fruition.

The dreams of the pair were revealed after the final episode of My Kitchen Rules when Gracia said that they were looking to open a restaurant in the local area. The focus of the pair right now though is to establish their own brand of spicy sauces. Having grown up in Indonesia, India, and Australia, the girls are no stranger to international recipes mixed in with their unique cooking style.

Tasia and Gracia were known on the show as the “Spice Sisters.” They lived up to their nickname, as the judges on My Kitchen Rules said that the dishes they cooked were among the show’s best. The siblings were also a big hit with the My Kitchen Rules viewers. Tasia said that the support from the Manningham community had been strong. During a recent trip by the pair to The Pines shopping center in Doncaster East, the fans came at them in droves. Tasia appreciates the fans and the support that the My Kitchen Rules show had given her and her sister.

While the reality show might seem like it was judged on the spot, two endings for the show were apparently filmed. According to Pedestrian, the season finale had two endings filmed for it back in December.

This is not unusual in the world of reality shows, as many competition-style reality TV shows that have taped rather than live episodes, film multiple versions of their season finales in order to prevent the results being leaked to the media ahead of time. What this essentially means for anyone participating in a reality TV show is that several people take it in turns to pretend to win, and the decided winner is aired on the program itself, leaving the contestants to find out the actual winner at the same time as the public.

In the case of My Kitchen Rules, Tasia and Gracia were the eventual champions of the season, but the finale was filmed in December along with the runner-ups, Lauren and Carmine, acting like they won the season as well. Neither of the pairs knew about who actually won the finale until the final episode was aired.

My Kitchen Rules closes the lid on the details of their production, so much so that the pair had to keep details on the production side of the competition away from the public. They had to deflect any question asked to them by anybody from the media just to keep the details on the production of the show in the shadows.

Tasia and Gracia spoke on the results of the finale of My Kitchen Rules.

“Unfortunately we can’t talk about any production stuff… We found out the same time you guys found out.”

Ever since 2012, My Kitchen Rules has been using the tactic of filming two different endings each year to prevent news of the finale being leaked.

However, the tactic does inevitably play with the contestants’ emotions, and it was only last year when the eventual runners-up on My Kitchen Rules, Jac and Shaz, suffered an emotional meltdown after they believed that they had legitimately won at the time of filming. Unbeknownst to them, the alternative take for the My Kitchen Rules finale was used and the real winners were decided, leaving Jac and Shaz the runners-up rather than the ultimate winners.

Finally, Sophia Pou, a contestant on the 2013 season of My Kitchen Rules and who made a cameo appearance on the recently ended Season 6 of the show, has started a possible controversy by voicing her opinion that she was chosen to appear on the show more for her personality than for her culinary talents. The Daily Mail, who featured an article on Sophia Pou voicing her disapproval for rival TV show MasterChef Australia, reports that she and her teammate Ashlee Pham didn’t actually cook for the producers until after they had undergone months of interviews and had made it to the “final audition stage.”

If these allegations are correct, this could indicate that producers of the show are more interested in finding “big” personalities rather than identifying talented amateur chefs.

“Basically personality plays a big part of it. They want to make sure you have the personality that you’re looking for, then the food is the other component.”

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