Eliza Dushku: Videogames are “almost acceptable and cool”

Well, thank God for that. I tell you, I’ve spent years indoors, too shame-faced to step outside my own house, terrified of being exposed as one of those leprous gamers.

But it’s okay now. Just when I was about to lose all confidence in my favorite hobby, actress and self-appointed sage of ‘cool’ Eliza Dushku (Bring It On, lots of Buffy) has given me the validation I need to keep going with the joypad:

“Videogames have almost become acceptable and cool for grown ups – not for people who are just in their teens. I know so many people – friends, actors, directors – who are older and used to maybe play in private, but who can now say it loud and proud.”

Phew! I’m remaining wary, however – particularly as Eliza couldn’t quite make the jump from “almost acceptable” to “totally acceptable.”

For gamers who want more of Eliza, she’ll be doing a spot of voice-acting in Bethesda’s forthcoming action shooter, WET.

[BBC, via Joystiq]

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