‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Wyatt Panics, Liam Sees An Opportunity, And Steffy Remains Torn

Monday brings fans a juicy episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers tease that Wyatt will be scrambling after discovering that the man who officiated his wedding to Steffy is a thief. Liam will see this as quite the opportunity while Steffy continues to struggle with her feelings for the two men. What else is on the way with the June 13 show?

As everybody saw last week, “Reverend” Rydell broke into Liam’s house and was trying to rob the place. Wyatt joined his brother for the police line-up and recognized Rydell from his wedding. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that it will not take long for this situation to cause plenty of chaos. If indeed the wedding was not legitimate, the situation certainly sets the stage for some intense drama.

Wyatt will confront Rydell, pushing for confirmation that the wedding was legitimate. However, it sounds as if the thief will be unable to give Wyatt the information he so desperately needs. While Steffy does not know about this situation yet, Soap Central details that Liam is going to be aware of the potential issue regarding the validity of the marriage, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that he will see this as a pathway to finally restart his relationship with her.

As all of this chaos is playing out at the police station, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Steffy will be talking with Thomas. Viewers have seen that she has stayed committed to her marriage to Wyatt, yet she clearly still loves Liam and feels drawn back to him. Thomas will share some wise insight with his sister, it seems, telling her that she cannot keep all of this bottled up inside.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Bill will quickly be brought into the mix of this mess. Wyatt will reach out to his father and ask for his help in verifying that the marriage to Steffy is legitimate. This will continue throughout the week, and it will not take long for the bride to become aware of the potential issue.

What about Bill and Brooke? Viewers saw that they had decided that they needed to tell Katie about their feelings. However, she took over the conversation before the truth was revealed and seemed intent on saving her marriage, sadly oblivious to what her husband and sister were about to share next.


Will this emotional talk lead Bill and Brooke to back away from one another and focus on Katie? Based on the latest Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week, that is not where things are headed. It looks like they will continue to sneak around, and it is surely just a matter of time before Katie finds out about this.

Will Steffy stay with Wyatt if indeed their marriage is invalid? How hard will Liam push now to reunite with her given this hiccup? Bill is said to call a family meeting later in the week to address all of this chaos and things will seemingly get pretty intense.

It may take a bit for this situation to be sorted out, but spoilers detail that this week brings action on several other fronts as well. Sasha is still in town, but that doesn’t mean that all is forgiven when it comes to the situation with Zende and Nicole. There is also Ridge and Caroline’s secret about Douglas, as teasers note that this will be at the center of a big battle very soon. There is a lot of drama ahead this week on all fronts, and Bold and the Beautiful fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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