Ryan Serhant Dishes On His Friendship With Michael Lorber From ‘MDLNY’ Season 1

Ryan Serhant has been on Million Dollar Listing: New York since the show first began on Bravo a couple of years ago. When Ryan first joined the show, he starred alongside Fredrik Eklund and Michael Lorber. Michael, who made a guest appearance on the show a few weeks ago, is the son of Howard Mark Lorber. Not only is Howard the Chairman of Douglas Elliman, the company that Fredrik Eklund and Luis D. Ortiz work for, but he’s also a huge business mogul in New York. And he was the man who Luis wanted some advice from a few weeks ago on Million Dollar Listing: New York. But what happened to Michael after leaving the show?

According to a new Bravo report, Ryan Serhant is now revealing that he hasn’t really stayed in touch with his former co-star from the show. Lorber was only on the show during the first season, but Ryan kept filming with Fredrik Eklund. Luis took over from Michael and clearly added a whole new personality to the show. Serhant reveals that he would stop and talk with Lorber if he ran into him on the street, but Ryan hasn’t stayed in touch with his former co-star. Ryan told the Daily Dish that he doesn’t talk to Michael anymore.

“Not really — I do in the sense that if I bump into him on the street, we’ll talk kind of catch up,” Ryan Serhant has revealed of his friendship with Michael, adding, “We didn’t really know each other when the show started, and we obviously they film us doing our separate lives, so we didn’t really know each other afterwards. And I haven’t really seen him, to be honest.”

“It’d be nice to catch up with him though. He was pretty funny,” Ryan points out, sharing that he has nothing against his former co-star from Million Dollar Listing: New York.

Last year, Lorber revealed that he had stayed in touch with Fredrik Eklund from Million Dollar Listing: New York after the show wrapped its first season. The two have remained friends, but this could be because Fredrik works for the same company, where Michael’s father is the chairman. Ryan Serhant works for a completely different company called Nestseekers.

“I’ve stayed close with Fredrik — he and his husband [Derek] have come to my house in Nantucket, and we’re having dinner next week,” Michael revealed to Bravo last year, adding about Ryan Serhant, “I never really knew Ryan — I just wasn’t close with him — but I saw him a few months ago and I met his fiancée [Emilia]. She was so sweet.”

And maybe Serhant reached out to his former co-star a few years back when his name surfaced in a kidnapping scheme. According to another Bravo report, Serhant’s former co-star was caught up in a kidnapping scheme, where someone called him about holding his brother hostage. They wanted him to show up in person and pay them a random fee of $2,000.

“It was the worst experience of my life,” Michael revealed to Page Six when the kidnapping scheme was over, adding, “They told me Brian had been in a car accident, they’d kidnapped him, broken his hand, and I needed to meet them with $2,000 in cash to pay for the damage to their car. They said they had his cellphone and they’d shoot him in the head if I called him.”

He decided to call his brother, who was in his office working. These days, Lorber is thankful that he didn’t go to meet them, as things could have gone horribly wrong. Ryan Serhant never commented on the situation, but one can imagine that Fredrik may have said or done something since he has stayed in touch with him. As Serhant points out, the cameras do film their lives separately, and it is rare that they do get into contact with one another.

What do you think of Ryan Serhant not staying in touch with his former co-star from Million Dollar Listing: New York?

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