‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Steve, Kayla, And Joey Face A Tense Situation And Rory Pops Up Again With JJ

What can fans expect from Monday’s episode of Days of Our Lives? Spoilers indicate that there is an intense situation involving Kayla, Steve, and Joey on the way and viewers will not want to miss this show. There is a big week of action on the way with juicy twists and turns, and viewers will see things kick into gear during this June 13 show.

As viewers saw last week, Steve, Kayla, and Joey had reunited and they were ready to head back to Salem together. However, her health issues caused a bit of a delay. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that before they can get on the road, they end up involved in a very dangerous situation.

According to Soap Central, it will soon be revealed that Dirk had killed a store clerk during a robbery. As this information comes to light, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Dirk will take Joey, Jade, and Simone hostage, and this will leave Kayla and Steve scrambling to save their son.

Joey and Dirk are said to struggle during this hostage situation, and Joey ends up shot. He will soon need surgery and his parents will be together by his bedside worrying about him. It sounds as if he will soon fully recover and many Days of Our Lives fans suspect that this will finally pave the way to a full reunion for Steve and Kayla.

JJ is said to help Julie move some additional things into the Horton house, but Days of Our Lives spoilers share that this move may lead to some drama quite soon. In addition, viewers recently saw Rory pop up on the canvas again, and he returns during Monday’s show. JJ and Rory used to be close friends, but now they are on opposite sides of the law and some drama between these two is on the way.

As the week continues, viewers will see what comes next for Deimos. Kate left him injured and in the river, assuming he was dead, but he is still alive and he reached out to Chloe for help. She seems to know him as someone named “Robert” and as SheKnows Soaps shares, during Tuesday’s show, she will take him back to her place to care for him.

Later in the week, Chad and Marlena will rush to Shady Hills after reports of a fire there. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Abigail will have been injured in the fire, and previews tease that her face will have been burned. Not only is Abby physically injured, but she tells Chad that she saw Ben again and seems to blame him for the fire. Unfortunately, the police will seemingly indicate that someone else is responsible, perhaps even Abby herself.

Kate Mansi’s final appearances on Days of Our Lives come soon, as she has revealed that her last show airs on Friday, June 24. Newcomer Marci Miller will take over the role of Abigail, but she is not expected to start appearing until this fall. Will “Chabby” fans get any sweet closure with Kate Mansi and Chad Flynn in the roles of Abigail and Chad before the dynamics change with a new actress playing Abby?

Where are things headed with having Rory back in the mix of things all of a sudden? What lies ahead for Julie with this move? Will the crisis involving Joey’s shooting bring Steve and Kayla back together at last? There are emotional and heartbreaking moments on the way and fans will not want to miss a minute of the action ahead on Days of Our Lives.


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