WWE News: Jerry Lawler Claims WWE Will Be Featuring Two PPVs Per Month Upon Official Brand Split This Summer

The WWE Draft is expected to be quite interesting. WWE has not yet announced when it will occur, but what we do know is that it will be this July at some point before the LIVE WWE SmackDown takes place on July 19. Reports claimed that we might see the draft take place a week before the big SmackDown show. However, other reports claim that it will happen the day before the LIVE SmackDown takes place.

Regardless of the report, it will take place, and it will give us a lot of interesting moves. It is expected that Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins will lead WWE RAW, while John Cena and AJ Styles lead the WWE SmackDown roster. It is rumored that we will have at least two World Titles and possibly another tag team and women’s title. None of that is confirmed as of yet, but we do know WWE has been working on a new World Title dating back to earlier this year, which makes many believe we’ll get two.

On top of all of this, it seems that WWE is taking the brand split a step further. According to Jerry Lawler, who was at the 38th annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois, WWE is going to be doing two live PPVs a month, one for each brand. A fan mentioned the words of Lawler to ProWrestling.net, which are quite interesting to say the very least.

Bragging Rights
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Of course, the PPVs won’t be every month, it seems, as it would be different for the months of WWE Survivor Series, The Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, and SummerSlam. The two brands would work together on the Big 4, but the fact that they will do two most every month is a bit much.

Some will say that this is just Lawler talking and nothing is concrete behind it. While Jerry could be pulling our leg on it, he also let people know WWE SmackDown would go to the USA Network and was the one who told people the show would go live this year. That said, Jerry Lawler let the cat out of the bag more than once with major material before it happened, so his words are certainly worthy of taking note of.

To those who feel this is too much, most would agree with that. It is a lot of content, but due to the WWE Network, they can get away with it a bit more than they could before. This does mean the return of major PPVs from the past and possibly the addition of others due to the fact that they will be doing 20 or so specials a year, not including WWE NXT. That means we could see the return of King of the Ring, Elimination Chamber, No Mercy, Judgement Day, and so many others.

War Games DVD
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There have been rumors of a War Games PPV coming to the WWE. With the need for more shows to excite fans, it would make total sense to add this as a regular event for one roster. It is possible that each would rotate when it came to the major specialty shows like Money in the Bank, TLC, and Hell in a Cell. They may also add more like the War Games show. They could bring back specialty shows from the past, like the beloved Breaking Point show.

While it is unknown what shows could be coming back to help WWE in their two PPVs a year thing, it is interesting that we’re seeing it happen. This clearly means WWE is going full on with the brand split, but they are also going to push other young stars to help with each program. Most thought that we had more than enough people already to make a split work, but with so many shows happening, there is a need for other stars to come from WWE NXT. At least now we know why WWE is set to raid the NXT roster.

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