‘It Didn’t Feel Right’ — Harry Styles Treated Better Than Seasoned Actors, Louis Tomlinson In Dark Place?

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have both found gigs to tide them over during the One Direction hiatus. Harry has been filming for Dunkirk in France and Louis scored a nice gig where Red Bull flew him to Monte Carlo to stand in front of some sponsored Grand Prix vehicles.

Harry Styles raised some eyebrows when he arrived on the Dunkirk set in “a little buggy.” One extra spoke out saying he/she was surprised that Harry was transported to and fro in a princely fashion when Kenneth Branagh, one of the UK’s most celebrated actors and a friend of Stephen Fry’s, had to walk.

“One thing that surprised me is that he arrived on set on the mole in a little buggy…while in the meantime Kenneth Branagh was walking all the way to get there…It didn’t feel right…”

The gossipy extra did add that Harry Styles seems nice and easygoing. He/she admitted that it was probably wise to ride Harry around in a buggy because his fans are of “crazy.”

“He appears like a decent guy, easygoing… [in] his defense, his fans are crazy so I can understand extra security for him.”

The Christopher Nolan World War II drama is Harry Styles’ first film role. Styles cut his hair to play the part of a young British soldier in Dunkirk, which is “based on the real-life evacuation from Dunkirk, which was one of the biggest operations of the Second World War and was one of the major factors in enabling the Allies to continue fighting,” according to the Daily Mail.

“It was the largest military evacuation in history, taking place between May 27 and June 4, 1940. The evacuation, nicknamed Operation Dynamo, saw an estimated 338,000 Allied troops rescued from northern France.”

Styles took time out today to send love to the victims of the horrific Florida attacks, where an Afghani assailant killed 50 people in a shooting in a gay night club.

Harry, a known and vocal proponent of gay rights, posted a rainbow image on his Instagram.

Meanwhile, Louis Tomlinson has been spotted smiling and chatting with Briana Jungwirth as the co-parents do their custody handover at the start of Louis’ visitation period.

It follows reports that relations between the co-parents are strained and they are headed to court to fight for custody of Freddie.

Sugarscape reported that the Jungwirths feel Louis Tomlinson is a great father but he has “rubbed them up the wrong way.”

“Briana and her family have no time for Louis these days. Bowing down to him is the least of their priorities… Nobody is denying that Louis has a right to see his son. Briana’s family is keen for him to play an active part in Freddie’s upbringing and they think Louis is a great dad. But he’s rubbed them up the wrong way.”

Hopefully, the friendly new photos indicate that tensions have since eased between the Tomlinsons and Jungwirths.

Louis’ mom, Johannah, has hinted that the Jungwirths are not the only ones suffering, and Louis himself has been in a dark place in recent times.

After Louis Tomlinson faced off against One Direction bandmate Niall Horan in the Unicef Soccer Aid match, emerging victorious, Johannah posted a lovely comment on Louis’ celebratory Instagram photo.

Louis’ mom wrote that he deserves “some sweet happiness.”

Enjoy my darling! You deserve some sweet happiness.

Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan wrapped up five grueling years touring and recording as part of One Direction in 2016. Louis Tomlinson split with his long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder last year, and a few months later, it emerged that Louis was expecting a baby with his Californian ex-fling, Briana Jungwirth.

Louis Tomlinson and Briana welcomed their son, Freddie Reign, in January of this year.

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