Vladimir Putin ‘Complete Works’ Made Available — Every Single Word Spoken By Russian President To Be Published In Multi-Volume Editions

Every single word uttered and penned by Vladimir Putin, ever since he became the President of Russia, will soon be available. A Russian firm has confirmed it has been collating the rather large compilation of Putin’s words and will soon publish the “complete works” in multi-volume editions.

During the Soviet era, every single leader who led the country had his complete works published. It appears the practice will continue despite the country shedding its tumultuous regime. Vladimir Putin’s complete works will soon adorn bookshelves of prestigious libraries as well as bookstores. Russian firm Novy Klyuch has confirmed it will publish every word Putin has spoken since his ascension in 2000, including his State of the Nation addresses — 15 so far — speeches, statements, and articles penned by him, reported NBC News.

Incidentally, those interested in reading what Putin has spoken or penned need to simply visit the Russian president’s official website. The digital archive, maintained by an entire department dedicated to the task, makes sure all the speeches, official statements, and articles to which Putin has contributed his thoughts are made available. However, a print volume is longer-lasting, insists publisher Vadim Rakhmanov.

“We realized that every Soviet leader — [Leonid] Brezhnev, [Nikita] Khrushchev — had their complete works out, but not Putin. I think Russia is lucky to have a leader such as Putin. There is great interest in a print edition from political science scholars, historians and ordinary people.”

Interestingly, the first three volumes, which are expected to be a part of the multi-volume editions, went on sale at the beginning of this month. The volumes are available at a combined price of 2,500 rubles, which translates to just $40. Astonishingly, of the 1,000 copies printed, 800 have already been snatched up. The publication is titled Direct Speech, reported VOA News.

Peculiarly, while the Kremlin has officially authorized the publication, the government hasn’t backed the project financially. Some regional experts feel a state-produced project could be viewed as a deliberate attempt to promote the president. Instead, Novy Klyuch chose to take up the publishing. The Russian firm isn’t a large publication and majorly prints religious and historical literature.

Vladimir Putin 'Complete Works' To Be Available Soon - Every Single Word Spoken By Russian President To Be Published In Multi-Volume Editions
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As for the total number of volumes expected, Rakhmanov says he isn’t sure. Moreover, the volumes aren’t available in English, and the publisher noted the firm doesn’t plan to release an English edition in the near future. This means the first volumes were most likely sold within the country and were bought by libraries and other government-monitored institutions. During the Soviet era, millions of copies of the collected works of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin were printed by the government presses and distributed free to the libraries. But unlike these free-to-own copies, Vladimir Putin’s works are being sold at a price, albeit a reasonable one.

Those interested in an assorted collection could buy “Words That Change the World,” which is a small collection of Putin’s best quotes. The compilation was created by first deputy Kremlin chief of staff and domestic policy czar Vyacheslav Volodin, who had once famously said, “Putin is Russia; without Putin, there’s no Russia.”

Not being available in English will undoubtedly disappoint hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who are interested in political science and Putin in general. Interestingly, despite being routinely loathed and criticized by Western leaders, Putin’s rankings are still soaring in Russia. Although he is commonly and critically assessed for his thoughts, actions, and authoritarian style of leadership, Putin’s approval ratings are currently over 80 percent in Russia.

Vladimir Putin has seldom dabbled in theoretical works. His collection primarily focuses on strong political statements and his observation on contemporary affairs.

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