Amityville Horror House Is Back On The Market! It Can Be Yours For $850K

The Amityville Horror house has been in the news a little bit more than usual in the last week. It is featured prominently in the new horror flick The Conjuring 2. Indeed, the new horror movie (which was the highest grossing movie of the weekend) actually opens in the infamous house of the DeFeo murders. This could be why the home’s current owner has decided to put it back on the market – and for a bargain price.

As i09 reports, the house has gone through a number of changes since the murders, which happened back in the 1970’s. The address has changed (back when the Amityville Horror house became an infamous household name, it’s address was 112 Ocean Avenue, now it’s 108 Ocean Avenue), and it’s gotten an exterior face-lift and had some extensive interior repairs in the over four decades since it became part of the nation’s popular culture. Among other changes were the removal of the home’s iconic “eye-like” windows and the filling in of the Amityville Horror house’s swimming pool.

According to the Amityville Horror house’s real estate listing, the house features a heated sun-room, a formal dining room and “lovely riverfront views.” Oddly, or perhaps forbodingly, the Amityville Horror house’s real estate listing doesn’t mention the home’s murderous history, something a realtor may be able to bank on.

Or maybe not. The Amityville Horror house famously (or infamously) rose to fame back in 1974 when Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot and killed his entire immediate family. Included among the dead in the Amityville Horror house were Ronald Jr.’s parents and his four young siblings. His youngest sibling, whom he shot in his sleep along with the rest of the DeFeo family in the Amityville Horror house was just nine years old at the time of the tragedy.

Ronald DeFeo Jr. swore that he heard voices coming from within the Amityville Horror house telling him to kill his family, but his story of demonic influence didn’t fly with the court system. Ronald DeFeo Jr. was convicted of the heinous murders and sentenced to life in prison, a sentence he is still serving to this day. Following the unthinkable crimes committed within its walls, the Amityville Horror house sat empty for a year. In late 1975, it was purchased by the Lutz family, who were only able to endure living in the Amityville Horror house for 28 terror-filled days.

The nightmare that the Lutz family claimed to have endured while living in the home for less than a month became the stuff of American legend and Hollywood gold. The family sold their story to author Jay Anson, who transformed it into the 1977 best-selling book, The Amityville Horror.

The Amityville Horror house reportedly subjected the Lutz family to a series of events involving escalating terror, from bizarre visions to an attempted demonic possession, and (according to reports) they fled the home, their dream home, leaving behind all of their worldly possessions.

Following the abrupt exit of the Lutz family (who many have accused of making up the events outlined in The Amityville Horror to get out of debt and make some extra cash), the house sold again in 1977. The family who bought it lived in the Amityville Horror house for over a decade, and according to them, there was nothing paranormal about it. The Amityville Horror house sold in 1987 and again in 1997; none of the owners that lived there after the Lutz family reported strange goings-on in the Amityville Horror house. In 2010, the house sold again for $950,000. Now, six years later, the Amityville Horror house is back on the market for $850,000, fully $100,000 less than it sold for last time around.

“It is an absolutely gorgeous home and it’s completely finished from top to bottom. The present owners did even more rehab to the home and did a beautiful job. The house is haunted, yes, but not by who you think. It’s haunted by the curiosity seekers that make it difficult for the people that live there.”

The current photos on the home’s Zillow listing only features exterior pics of the infamous Amityville Horror house, and the broker says that there won’t be an open house or any other public viewing of the property, much to the dismay of curiosity seekers. If you want to see the Amityville House, you have to be a serious buyer with the finances to back up your intent to buy to check it out.

What do you think? Would be be interested in living in the Amityville house? Do you think that potential future buyers should be worried that the Amityville Horror house is selling for $100,000 less than it did in 2010?

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