Jaime King On Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Split: ‘It’s Not F—–g Funny!’

The split and ensuing divorce between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is much like any divorce in that it affects those closest to them, just as much as it may affect each other. Hart of Dixie actress Jaime King is one of those close friends and, as she speaks publicly about the break-up between Depp and Heard, it becomes obvious that King is torn by the split and feeling the pain of having to watch her friends and mentors go through a social media trial, as well as a divorce.

Hart Of Dixie Actress Jaime King Opens Up About Her Love For Johnny

Jaime King has a unique perspective, when it comes to Amber Heard’s divorce from Johnny, because she has long been on friendly terms with both of them. When King was still new to acting, she met Depp on the set of one of her first films and, as Johnny took a liking to Jaime, the two actors bonded with Depp serving as an unofficial mentor to King. As an actress, she says she learned a great deal from Johnny and came to develop a tremendous respect for him, but, as a friend, she found him even more endearing. King uses words like “kind” and “generous” and “attentive” to describe a man accused of brutality and abuse.

For Johnny Depp trivia buffs, Jaime King played Johnny’s daughter in 2001’s Blow.

“I would have scenes that he wasn’t even in and he wouldn’t even leave,” King says. “He would just stay to watch. He would rehearse with me. There was so much that I learned from him. He was an incredible mentor. Being able to work with someone like that at the beginning of my career really taught me what it meant to be a true professional and a true artist.”

The Struggle Between Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Shouldn’t Be A Source Of Entertainment, Says King

Many are criticizing Amber Heard for her allegations that Depp has abused and beaten her, doubting the veracity of her claims. Heard’s reputation has taken another blow, as she has also stated that she may be pregnant with Johnny’s baby, which many suspect may be just another ploy to bilk the Alice Through the Looking Glass actor out of millions. Jaime King, however, is not bashing Heard. Instead, she’s asking fans and the media to respect both halves of this dividing couple, as they attempt to make the break permanent.

“Bottom line, what bothers me the most is that people are being hurt on both sides,” the Hart of Dixie actress explains. “It is a deeply painful situation and people are treating it as if it’s entertainment, and it’s not f—-g funny. And it’s not entertaining.”

Jaime might be implying that she doesn’t really believe on or the other, as she points out that everything coming out of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce drama is hearsay and baseless accusations. She adds that no one can really take sides, because there’s no knowing what has gone on behind closed doors and that kind of privacy should be continued to be respected, as Johnny and Amber work things out for themselves.

It’s interesting that King wouldn’t side with Heard, particularly considering how outspoken Jaime has been on the issues of feminism, domestic violence, and child abuse. It might be plausible that Ms. King is keeping an open mind, because, as an insider, she may be aware that certain claims are baseless. Even if that’s not so and Jaime is just too emotionally invested in her friendships with both Amber and Johnny, she does make sense in suggesting that Depp and Heard should be left alone to deal with divorce in their own way.

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