‘American Horror Story’ Star Evan Peters Dishes On Reprising Tate Langdon

As is usually the case with American Horror Story, there really hasn’t been any confirmed news about Season 6 and it’s not likely that anything will be released for a few more months, but one actor faithful to the series, Evan Peters, recently opened up about his American Horror Story experiences, including what he’d like to see happen in his sixth round with the Ryan Murphy-run series. While Peters’ thoughts may just be wishful thinking, his ideas have enough merit to make American Horror Story fans wonder if he might just be leaking some teasers to entice fans.

American Horror Story Star Evan Peters Wants To Reprise His Favorite Character

Evan Peters reveals that Tate Langdon from Season 1 of American Horror Story, dubbed “Murder House,” was the actor’s favorite character, which is also true of many AHS fans as well. The ill-fated romance between Tate and Violet Harmon, played by (Taissa Farmiga), provided some of the best moments of that first season and many feel that it was the best season of all, so news that Peters would like to reprise his role as Tate comes as welcome news. Building on that, Evan suggests that a prequel season might be the way to go with that character, as opposed to just doing another season of “Murder House.”

“I’d want to play Tate. I want to see what’s going on with that animal. [Is] he still in that house, trapped? Or maybe even see him, you know, before everything went totally haywire, to sort of see that lighter side of him,” says the American Horror Story actor. “Maybe a little bit more about what turned him into what he became. I think that would be interesting. I don’t know how [showrunners] would do that.”

Speaking of “Murder House,” Evan says he would really like to see Dylan McDermott return to the series. McDermott, who played Violet’s father, only acted in that first season and hasn’t returned to American Horror Story since. Peters says Dylan was a great actor to work with and adds that his off-screen personality is warm and friendly, so working with him was an all-around positive experience. Evan admits to missing the former American Horror Story actor.

Evan Peters Says Working With Lady Gaga Can Be Scary

To say that Lady Gaga made an impression on Evan would be a grand understatement. In fact, Peters isn’t at all conservative in his praise of Lady Gaga’s dedication, talent, and creativity. He cites her singing talents and her ability to pull off any costume with genuine grace among her many virtues. Peters adds that he feels grateful to have been able to watch her immerse herself in acting for the first time.

“What was so amazing and refreshing about working with her is that acting is very new for her, but at the same time she’s ready for it and trained for it. And she really just brings something different each take and… it can be scary because you don’t know what you’re going to get [from her],” said the American Horror Story actor.

Mr. Peters described his American Horror Story: Hotel co-star as a “weird animal,” when it comes to performing a scene with her and says that, as an actor, that’s just the kind of person with which one wants to interact. He says working with Lady Gaga was always unpredictable, because her spontaneous nature can so often leave him shocked or surprised.

“I love working with her. I had a blast, and obviously the relationship between our characters was very fun to play.”

American Horror Story is set to premiere Season 6 in September on FX.

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