Marco Rubio Stages Comeback With Orlando Tragedy Revealing Homophobic Hypocrisy

In March of 2016, Florida Senator Marco Rubio suspended his campaign when he lost the primary to Donald Trump for his own state.

The Inquisitr reported on this and how he hadn’t even bothered to try and get the support of the people in Florida, which was perhaps the main reason he lost.

Since then, the only time Marco Rubio has had anything to say that paralleled his attempts at trying to sound like a neo-con, pander to those in his own little bubble when he was a candidate, is when it had something to do with Donald Trump saying he would build a relationship with Kim Jong Un — as a way to show make it seem that he could show off his foreign policy experience — or when he said that he was looking forward to becoming a private citizen at the beginning of the next year, which many would agree is something to look forward to.

Then the day came when a mass shooting took place on his doorstep so that he could open the door and seize the moment, an attempt to leave his mark again and show just how far behind the times he is, even with whatever the trending topic is within his own party, which isn’t him.

Marco Rubio tries to take spin the Orlando nightclub shooting.
In the video at the beginning of this article, Marco Rubio at least acknowledges there is some advancement with the fight against ISIS overseas. But he is unrealistic about their influence online. He appears to be more reserved, now that he’s not running for the Oval Office, than he was before. [Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0]
For instance, Marco Rubio is attempting to make the shootings at a gay night club as the most pivotal moment in American history to make it a new face of terrorism, as if a mass shooting of that magnitude has never taken place before.

The reason for the disconnect is because it’s more about the numbers of people killed rather than the massacre itself.

This is where he’s leaning on the event as more of a numbers competition in order to make it far worse than we already know it is.

Of course that isn’t enough, because Marco Rubio has placed a spin on this as terrorism, neglecting the fact that to the victims it makes no difference as a massacre is, overall, a massacre; and then he sloppily adds that guns are not the problem as a textbook statement in order to lock in the gun debate, knowing full well that it will.

It’s the Rubio standard to be late to the party, and the fact that he’s hardly been present this entire time shows that this moment is him trying to own the incident.

There is a new twist to this, however, which is that he’s added the hypocrisy of his homophobia, as he blames other countries for how they treat gays as if it doesn’t happen here.

“We’ve seen the way radical Islamists have treated gays and lesbians in other countries. We’ve seen this punishable by death.”

Yes Marco, punishable — whether by death or not, it is still punished here in this country in particular, by your party.

The statement is pretty rich coming from Rubio, as Queerty reported in 2013 that Marco was the keynote speaker for the Florida Family Policy Council — a group which lobbied to prevent gay troops in the Boy Scouts of America — at a dinner that was honoring Matthew Staver, who heads the Liberty Council, a man who reportedly trashed a transgender woman on Fox News and opposes a ban on gay therapy.

Marco Rubio takes the shooting incident on his own turf, and spins it into whatever he wants.
Law enforcement officials work at the scene of the Pulse Orlando nightclub following a fatal shooting Sunday, June 12, 2016, in Orlando, Fla. [Image by Chris O’Meara / AP Photo]
Salon has an interesting piece about his opposition to an immigration bill that includes gay immigrants as part of his ugly world view; it parallels with Russia’s anti-gay legislation.

Ultimately, Rubio’s motives for drawing a homophobic line in the sand are known only to him, but no conceivable motive makes his conduct any less despicable. As heteronationalist thugs were brutally beating gays in the streets of Russia — and at a time when 78 countries criminalized homosexuality, with seven nations allowing death sentences for the “crime” of same-sex affection — Rubio brazenly threatened to kill immigration reform if it treated gay immigrants as full and equal human beings.

Really, it would have just been better if Marco Rubio stayed out of sight until the end of the year as his presence makes the massacre at a gay night club even worse when he stakes his claim.

[Image by mpi10 / MediaPunch/IPX / AP Photo]

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