WWE News: Leaked WWE Poster May Have Revealed Money In The Bank Briefcase Winner

The top of the Money In The Bank card has shaped up to be quite compelling, with three marquee match-ups worthy of the WWE’s most high-profile pay-per-views. In fact, the AJ Styles/John Cena encounter has been billed as a dream match worthy of WrestleMania. Add to that the fact that Roman Reigns is set to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against the freshly-returned Seth Rollins, and the presence of the ever-intriguing Money in the Bank ladder match, and we’ve got ourselves a stacked card. At least the top, anyway.

Getting to the top will be paramount for six superstars on June 19 — the top of the ladder, that is. And it’s that ladder match, where the winner receives a Money in the Bank briefcase containing a contract for a world title opportunity anytime they please, that has been the topic of the most online rumors.

Many expect Reigns to continue his reign by defeating Rollins in a match where most feel the babyface and heel roles should be reversed. The most buzz around Styles and Cena has revolved around the debate of how long the feud should last, and most recently, whether Randy Orton will be inserted into the program upon his return from injury. And then there’s the Money in the Bank ladder match.

money in the bank participants on raw
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When Money in the Bank qualifying matches began on RAW at the end of May, fans were led to believe there’d be seven participants in the match. Soon thereafter, however, and with no official announcement or reasoning as to why, the match was reduced to a six-person affair. There have been countless rumors circulating about adding someone like Orton, Bray Wyatt, or Neville to the match at the last minute, but there’s been no indication of that happening yet.

So, as of this writing, the match will only feature Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Alberto Del Rio, Kevin Owens, and Chris Jericho. Owens has long been the rumored-favorite to walk out of Money in the Bank with the briefcase, and the odds as reported on by WWE Leaksreflect that. But Ambrose has been gaining some steam thanks to the lingering elephant in the room in regards to a potential triple threat main event featuring the three members that used to make up The Shield. And accordingly, The Lunatic Fringe is listed as the second favorite to win the Money in the Bank match.

And now, there appears to be more credence to the Ambrose bandwagon, thanks to a leaked WWE poster. Give Me Sport is reporting that a WWE poster promoting Battleground had been circulating that would give the indication that Dean will win the Money in the Bank ladder match. You can see a picture of the poster below, but it has since been taken down. The authenticity of it has come into question, however, as the advertised date is completely wrong.

There have been plenty of instances of unintentionally leaked posters from the WWE themselves, and fake ones altogether. Many online are leaning towards the latter in this case. Battleground is sandwiched in between Sunday’s Money In The Bank and August’s SummerSlam, coming our way from Washington on July 24. The poster lists the pay-per-view on June 12, which of course, has already passed.

Regardless of the genuineness of the poster, at least it advertises one of the top two favorites, both within WWE and in the online sportsbooks. Neither Zayn, Del Rio, Cesaro or Jericho have gotten as much momentum behind them. There’s still some interest in Y2J winning, seeing how he invented the match and has never won one. The idea of him winning and then taking his annual hiatus would be a fresh take on the cash-in philosophy, but with the brand split upcoming, that notion is unlikely. The poster is right about one thing though. Life is better when there’s money in the bank.

[Image via WWE]

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