Celebrities And The LGBT Community React To The Pulse Nightclub Shooting In Orlando

So many things are still being sorted out as the 24-hour mark of the mass shooting in Orlando approaches. Early on Sunday morning, a gunman walked into the Pulse nightclub in downtown Orlando and opened fire before holding many people hostage. By the time he was shot and killed by police, 49 people had been killed and more than 50 are being treated for injuries, and that has brought about social media reactions from celebrities and the LGBT community around the world.

The mass shooting took place right at the beginning of Pride week and is the most deadly shooting spree in the history of the United States. It has brought about statements from President Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and so many other political figures.

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As E Online pointed out, Obama said that it is indeed “an act of terror and an act of hate” even though it’s still early in the investigation. He said that the White House does “stand with the people of Orlando” as they deal with this horrible tragedy.

Many celebrities and prominent LGBT community members have expressed their thoughts and want the world to know that everyone is standing together.

As this happened on Sunday morning, the Tony Awards were set to take place on Sunday evening, and they are indeed taking place. Still, so many of those attending that event were affected and touched by the horrific tragedy that transpired earlier in the day.

Many of those who were to be present at the ceremony did also express their sorrow and thoughts.

Some celebrities have taken it upon themselves to delve deeper into the situation and whether or not it is a matter of gun control. It’s a matter that has been brought into the spotlight throughout the day, but some are really giving it a lot of thought and making sure that there is some focus on it.

As the investigation continues through the night and into the week, there is likely to be much more information coming forth about gunman Omar Mateen and so many other things. As of now, there is still so much that is unknown as far as motive and the names of all of the victims, some of which have already been released.

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Meanwhile, there will continue to be vigils held around the United States and around the world. Numerous political and religious figures will continue to give their thoughts just as Pope Francis did earlier on Sunday as he mourned the “absurd violence which so deeply upsets the desire for peace of the American people and of the whole of humanity.”

The world is going to continue to mourn this horrific incident and it will never be forgotten. Just like 9/11, Columbine, Pearl Harbor, Colorado, San Bernardino, Paris and Brussels… everyone will always remember where they were at when they learned of the mass shooting in Orlando.

Celebrities are just a few of the many that have been displaying their sorrow and giving their reactions to this horrible tragedy in Orlando. The LGBT community has also seen a number of prominent members step up to offer their sympathies on various forms of social media. The mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub has saddened people around the world, and the Internet has brought a way for all to grieve together.

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