Teen Boy Self-Identifying As A Girl Excels In Girl’s Track – Parents Livid

Transgender issues are a hot-button topic, particularly where transgender equality is concerned. But, some people are concerned that the focus on transgender equality may actually destroy equality for genetically-born females. One such concern was brought to light when a high-school track team experienced some upset. News outlets all over the United States are shining a light on Alaska, when a high-school senior boy named Nattaphon Wangyot, who self-identifies as a girl, competed in Alaska’s female track and field state finals on Friday. That’s right – female track. According to USA Today, the male athlete cleaned up, taking home all-state honors. He participated in the 100-meter and 200-meter races, taking fifth and third place. The senior raced against girls who ranged in grade level, freshmen included. However, Wangyot, who has the nickname “Ice,” was the only runner who was born biologically male.

When the events ended, the controversy didn’t. Parent’s expressed outrage. The mother of one competitor has been very vocal about the inequality of science and biology. She believes the so-called act of “equality,” which has many calling Wangyot a hero, only succeeded in slighting biological females, who now have to unfairly compete against males.

The Daily Wire published an exchange between Wangyot and another competitor’s mother, whose name is Jennifer VanPelt, which took place on Facebook. As other parents were discussing the event, Wangyot chimed in, stating, “If your kids have attitude and practice enough it gonna be more fun.” She followed her statement by two laughing emojis.

VanPelt responded by saying, “If you were directing your comments towards me and my daughter I think you need to reevaluate what you said Ice,” wrote VanPelt. “She is a phenomenal runner for a female. She happens to be the fastest female in the MatSu Valley. And she’s a freshman. Obviously she is at a disadvantage to you because she was not born with the physical attributes you were as a male. It’s 100% science. Men are physically different than females. Your times would not allowed you to compete with the boys at state. So don’t start casting stones telling me my daughter isn’t good enough. Because she is.”

Another group staged a protest. Alaska Family Action gathered to assert the belief that allowing a boy, born genetically and biologically male, to compete in girl’s sports is wrong. Group president Jim Minnery stated, “We are here today as a voice from the community to ensure that female athletes are not denied the playing opportunities and scholarships otherwise available to them and to make the playing field even again,” Minnery said during a press conference at the state meet, per the Alaska Dispatch News. “… Allowing students to play on teams of the opposite sex disproportionately impacts female students, who will lose spots on track, soccer and volleyball teams to male students who identify as female.”

High school junior Saskia Harrison, whose time of 14.11 in the 100-meter left her outside the cut for the Class 1A-2A-3A field, publicly took issue with Wangyot being part of the event. “I’m glad that this person is comfortable with who they are and they’re able to be happy with who they are,” she said, “but competitively I don’t think it’s completely 100 percent fair.” Her views could definitely have some merit. According to Psychology Today, males have greater cardiovascular reserve, with larger hearts, greater lung volume per body mass than do females; all of which are major contributors to success when it comes to running.

As it stands, each individual school district in Alaska gets to make the call about whether or not a transgender student can participate in sports as the gender with which they identify. And, some outlets have also reported, to ease the minds of many, that Wangyot uses a single-occupancy bathroom and showers alone as a coach stands guard.

The controversy begs the question, will Olympic hopefuls be permitted to participate at a national level according to the gender with which they “self-identify?” What will this kind of induction mean for the world of sports? Are we prepared to lay in the athletic bed we’re making?

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