Nathan Griffith Arrested Again, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Catches Another Case Due To Intoxication

Nathan Griffith has been vocal about how awful his ex-girlfriend Jenelle Evans is all across social media. He has been making some pretty hefty allegations against her and her new boyfriend, David Eason. Griffith and Evans split up last fall and there has been nothing but bad blood since. They share a son together and there were months that went by without him seeing his son. Recently, Griffith and Evans were fighting over custody, but it was resolved by a judge with Kaiser able to visit his father every other weekend. Child support was also ordered, which wasn’t anything Griffith was happy about.

This weekend seemed to be a busy one for Nathan Griffith. Just ahead of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special where he gets into a verbal fight with Jenelle Evans, he finds himself in trouble with the law once again. According to Starcasm, Nathan Griffith was arrested yesterday. It appears that he was publicly intoxicated and is allegedly being charged with drunken disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. It is a behavioral pattern Teen Mom 2 fans are well aware of as Griffith has been battling charges dealing with alcohol since he began filming with Jenelle Evans.

As far as arrests go, Nathan Griffith is quickly catching up to Jenelle Evans. He has been trashing her at every turn but finds himself in trouble almost as frequently. This new development could prevent him from seeing his son if Evans decides to take him back to court. While the charges aren’t confirmed yet and there has been no plea entered, things could get bad for Griffith if he is convicted of anything. He is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow, which will lead to more in-depth information about the actual charges and when the follow-up court date will be.

Right now social media has been quiet regarding Nathan Griffith’s arrest. Fans are shocked that Jenelle Evans has not come out and commented on the situation, especially with the way he has been treating her recently. In fact, things have been incredibly tense between the former lovers since the Teen Mom 2 reunion was taped a few weeks ago. Their confrontation there gets incredibly personal, with Griffith taking jabs at her weight and accusing her of being a drug addict. If Evans decides to get even with him for the drama, this new case Griffith has caught could be a way for him to be barred from visiting Kaiser. At the very least, Evans could ask for supervised visits at the court’s discretion.

Season 8 of Teen Mom 2 has been confirmed, so there is speculation Nathan Griffith’s arrest could be filmed. The show tapes several months in advance, and the new season will likely premiere sometime in the late fall or early winter. Griffith has had several other issues with the law due to circumstances involving alcohol, including a DUI. The fact that he has been constantly slamming Jenelle Evans with the skeletons in his closet has some fans riled up. While Evans isn’t perfect, she has worked hard over the last year to clean up her act and raise Kaiser on her own.

Tomorrow is when more details will become available about Nathan Griffith’s arrest. It is unclear whether or not he posted bail or is waiting to appear in bond court tomorrow morning. The only details available right now are the pending charges against Griffith and the court date scheduled for tomorrow morning. Ironically, Nathan Griffith will be shown on the Teen Mom 2 reunion accusing Jenelle Evans of being a horrible person; all the while, he has been arrested for drinking and poor judgment just two days before the show airs.

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