NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard Could Be ‘Dominant Force’ For Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks

NBA rumors are suggesting that Dwight Howard could soon be joining forces with Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks, multiple media reports have suggested.

The latest rumors are coming from Jason Terry, a former Dallas Mavericks guard who has spent the last two seasons with Dwight Howard on the Houston Rockets’ roster. In comments Jason Terry made at a Dirk Nowitzki charity event this week, the member of the 2011 NBA Championship Mavericks team suggested that Dwight Howard could elevate Dallas into a playoff contender overnight.

“If [Howard] comes to Dallas they’ll be talking about Dallas in the likes of winning a championship. He would look good. Anybody that has his physical stature alongside of Dirk is always a huge factor… He still can be a dominant force, primarily on the defense end. He’s such a presence back there controlling the paint. And then offensively, when he sets screens and rolls hard to the basket and runs the floor, he’s one of the best we have.”

The move would help the Dallas Mavericks retain Dirk Nowitzki, too. According to Scout, the German-born star has not decided if he will opt out of his final year on his current contract, a move to put pressure on the Dallas Mavericks to upgrade their supporting cast. Dwight Howard would certainly be seen as an upgrade at center over Zaza Pachulia, Javale McGee or Salah Merji.

Dwight Howard would ease some of the offensive and rebounding responsibility on Dirk Nowitzki. Zaza Pachulia averaged 8.6 points and 9.4 rebounds in 69 outings for the Dallas Mavericks, his best rebounding total of his 13-year career. In contrast, Dwight Howard finished the season averaging a double-double with 13.7 point and 11.8 rebounds in 71 contests. This season has been the worst scoring output and second-worst rebounding effort since his rookie year in the 2004-2005 season.

While Dwight Howard could remain in Houston, the move seems unlikely now that the Rockets hired of Mike D’Antoni, according to multiple media reports. Rumors swirled during the only season Dwight Howard and Mike D’Antoni spent together with the Los Angeles Lakers of conflict between the two, making a reunion with the coach an unpleasant possibility, Bleacher Report suggested.

“Hiring D’Antoni in and of itself was a sign that Howard is a secondary focus of the Rockets this summer. Clint Capela can likely play the role expected of Howard at a fraction of the cost. It’s more likely the Rockets will prioritize adding wing depth around Harden, who seems destined to flourish if he and D’Antoni click from a personality standpoint.”

If the Houston Rockets are planning to build around James Harden — as the hiring of Mike D’Antoni suggests — then Dwight Howard would again be placed in the same position he was in with the Los Angeles Lakers. According to a Houston Chronicle report in 2015, Dwight Howard and Mike D’Antoni experienced the conflict because the team chose to build around Steve Nash and not the talented center, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss said.

“It came down to hiring a coach. When you have a big man and a guard, you have to decide whom you’re going to build your team around. The choice was to build it around Steve Nash and what suited Steve Nash instead of what suited Dwight Howard.”

If Dwight Howard doesn’t team up with Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks next season, a return to the Orlando Magic is also possible. Rumors have suggested that the team that drafted Dwight Howard would be willing to add him to their roster next season to work under new coach Frank Vogel, the Inquisitr previously reported.

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