Lindsay Lohan Moving To New York?

Is Lindsay Lohan moving to New York? That’s the word from the New York Daily News, which reports that the 26-year-old is planning to leave her controversy-filled LA lifestyle behind for a stint in the Big Apple.

An insider claiming to be close to the actress and model told the paper that Lohan, herself a New York native, will shortly be crossing the country to live in the Tribeca neighborhood along with her assistant, Gavin Doyle.

The Lohan mole says the move is unlikely to go ahead until after Fashion Week in September.

Lohan’s links to New York are varied and not always happy. As well as being born in the city and growing up in Merrick and Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island, the troubled star was questioned by NYPD officers earlier in August about a jewelry heist at a Hollywood Hills home.

Still, controversy does tend to follow the star about: Only last week, she was booted out of her Chateau Marmont hotel suite in West Hollywood after failing to pay a bill that had risen to approximately $46,000. And now the actress and the creators of Liz and Dick, in which Lohan stars, have been accused of trashing Elizabeth Taylor’s dressing room trailer.

Perhaps returning home is set to be a new start for Lilo? Whadd’ya say, New Yorkers? Will you be welcoming Lindsay with open arms? It’s probably your turn, in fairness…