Kadijah ‘Khadijah’ Stewart, Lionel Carter: TV One’s ‘Fatal’ Highlights Domestic Abuse, Murder Of Richmond Teen Found Dead In Car In Virginia

Kadijah Stewart, aka Khadijah Stewart, the Chesterfield teen who was found dead in a car in Richmond, Virginia, two years ago is the next crime story to air on TV One’s Fatal Attraction. The episode, titled “Ruthless Rivalry,” will follow police as they find the body of young female who was shot dead inside of a car. The puzzling list of suspects, including gang members and two lovers, makes the crime difficult to solve.

Richmond, Virginia, January 31, 2014, 1:50 a.m. Teen Gunshot Victim Found In Car

On a freezing cold night in January, 2014, police were summoned to Mandalay Road near Hull Street in Richmond, Virginia, to respond to a disturbance call. When they arrived, they found the body of a black female slumped over in the seat inside the car. The woman was later identified as 19-year-old Kadijah N. Stewart of Chesterfield. The coroner reported that the victim died of multiple gunshot wounds to the body. The police investigation revealed that Kadijah Stewart was involved with two different young men who both had ties to gangs, which made detectives wonder if the shooting was gang-related, leaving her caught in the crossfire.


The detectives later determined that this was no random act of violence but that the young woman was the intended target. Now, it was a question of who had done it. Police had two men who were sexually involved with Kadijah Stewart. One young man’s alibi checked out, and he was eventually ruled out as a suspect. The other suspect, Lionel Carter, was a man who police say had a violent relationship with Kadijah Stewart, and that family members warned her to leave Lionel Carter alone, according to NBC-12‘s report.

Fatal Attraction: Violent, Fiery Relationship Between Teen And Boyfriend

Despite the violent overtones, there was a sexual energy and intensity between Kadijah Stewart and Lionel Carter that made it nearly impossible for them to leave each other alone. Authorities say it was that same intensity that led to a violent rage after Lionel Carter grew jealous that Kadijah was finally moving on with her life.

On the day of the murder, a friend had a feeling that something bad could happen. Kadijah Stewart had spent most of the evening talking back and forth with Lionel Carter and another man. The friend reported that one of the male callers was enraged, and it sparked a fear in her. Richmond’s report explains it this way.

“I just used to tell both of them you all just need to leave each other alone. I understand that you all have some kind of crazy love that won’t go away, but you all are not good together.”

Killer Flees To Georgia After Eerie Posts On Instagram

In the days after the killing, Lionel Carter took to social media to express his sadness over her death, knowing the whole time that he was the killer. Kadijah Stewart’s family members found the strange Instagram posts very disturbing.

“I swear my will to live is so weak right now.

“When you left I can honestly say you took my heart with you. I promise I’m going to be with you real soon.

“My Heart, My life, because without you I won’t live one!

“I love you to death and even after.”

Lionel Carter lied to police and denied killing Kadijah Stewart, stating that he became fearful after they saw a car approach them as he and Kadijah sat in his mother’s car at around 2 a.m. Believing that it was a rival gang and fearing for his life, he took out running and hid before returning and finding his girlfriend dead in the car.


After that, instead of doing the right thing and reporting the crime, he fled to Georgia, where he was later apprehended by police and charged with her death. At trial, the jury found Lionel Carter III guilty of murder and handed him a sentence of 33 years in a Virginia prison. Still his incarceration does nothing to ease the pain of her parents who could never understand why he would want to end things this way. Kadijah’s mother, Kenisha Dorsey, expressed this to Fox-29.

“Why would you have to take a gun and kill her. What could she do to you that would make you want to do it? Why would you do that? You are supposed to love her.”

This week’s Fatal Attraction is definitely one to watch. It airs Monday at 9/8 p.m. Central on TV One. Recently, the Inquisitr profiled the case of Christie Neely–another case that was featured on Fatal Attraction.

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