Amber Heard Drops Request For Spousal Support, Friend Pens Essay About Calling 9-1-1 For Heard Because Heard Never Would Have

After requesting temporary spousal support from Johnny Depp, Amber Heard has now withdrawn the request seeing as it takes away from the “real issue of domestic violence,” claims a new report.

The Mirror UK shares that lawyers for the actress have filed an order to take the issue of spousal support off the table, seeing as Depp’s team is apparently using her request against the actress and making it appear that the violence is fabricated all for a big payout.

The publication relays details about the case and the proceedings set to play out.

“The issues was set to be handled this Friday during a hearing over a permanent restraining order, following allegations that the Pirates of the Caribbean star was violent against his wife during their 15 month marriage. While the request means it won’t be discussed this Friday, Amber is not withdrawing her request for support with the docs stating she intends to pursue it after the divorce.”

As the report claimed, Depp earned $30 million last year and according to Heard, who detailed this in court documents, he could have been expected to pay her as much as $1 million a month in spousal support

When Heard first filed for divorce in May, her request for $40k a month of spousal support was swiftly turned down. Depp’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, insisted that Amber was more than capable of “supporting herself.” The publication shares the words of Wasser.

“Amber is a successful model and actress who earns her own income and is capable of supporting herself.”

At the time Depp’s lawyer then reminded that Depp was out of the country until June 7 working in Spain so will deal with all when he returns.

However, Depp’s team seemed to have changed their tune seeing as Heard rejected a deal for support of $50k per month not long after her initial request that involved a joint restraining order against both parties. The offer was made, following Heard having called police when Depp broke a temporary restraining order by sending friends to their home.

The Mirror reminds of the events that transpired that have now lead to a Friday, June 17, court date.

“Amber will head to court on Friday June 17 where she’ll ask a judge for a permanent restraining order against the 52-year-old. The actress requested a temporary order against the Hollywood star last month just days after filing for divorce after only 15 months of marriage. She appeared at the Los Angeles courthouse with a bruised face, injuries she claimed were caused by Johnny throwing a phone at her”

Johnny Depp’s legal team has fervently denied the claims of domestic violence and insist that the 30-year-old actress is merely attempting to gain a large financial gain from her actions against Depp. However, in an essay shared by Refinery29, a friend of Heard’s shares the details of the volatile behavior of Depp towards the star, noting that if he didn’t call the police on Depp, Heard never would have.

Refinery29 shares the words of iO Tillett Wright, a photographer and friend of Heard’s.

“I called 911 because she never would. Because every time it happened, her first thought was about protecting him. Because every time it happened, the sweet, loving man we all cared for so much would come back with apologies, profuse, swearing up and down that he understood how bad what he had done was, and swearing never to do it again. I wondered like so many times before if I should break the code of silence that surrounds celebrities and invite the police into the situation, and in a split second decided that, yes, I was going to. Because I realized that as long as I was protecting the abuser from consequences, I was enabling the abuse and I could no longer partake.”

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